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This handy tool makes it quick and easy to analyze a webpage.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RDS

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The RDS Bar is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers that can collect SEO data about visited resources. A great deal of work is required to monitor visitors of the "competitors" in a webmaster's website and, hence, it will have a significant impact on the webmaster and his or her own site.

Variations of the extensions work almost similarly in different browsers. When the RDS Bar is installed, a special panel appears in the browser displaying the following information:

"Self index" - The volume of content in Yandex's database which has been indexed and is now part of the search engine.

With this index, you can determine when you're going to die. By updating a site, Yandex gives them the date of the update. The information shown here is based on a snippet.

I Page Index - http://www.inp.org " Current occurrences of the search field.

"G index" - In the "Google" index, there are the number of web pages associated with the site.

The G Page Index shows the popularity of certain websites. cache of a saved file that contains it or when the copied copy was last saved.

"TIC, I. Catalogue." - Revision history index. With a resource being in the Yandex directory, which has a specified category according to the search engine algorithms, is one of its most fundamental parameters being monitored by the webmaster.

"Yandex.Bar" - According to Y, TIC was allocated a value.Bar.

The Google Page Rank value is "PR", which is derived from ranking a webpage.

"Dmoz" - Search directories include the presence of all the associated sites;; tion of the same name, as well as its category;

The "web archive" will give you the idea who that first mentions "WebArch".

"SEOMoz" - In business terms, it means how much authority a resource has over the services it uses.

"MozRank" - SEOmoz's traffic database contains links that are related.

Among the list of site subdomains is the word "site".

"I.He received the service's subject matter for this project, "Tem.tika.".

"Back Google" - Ranking of Google on the list of backlinks.

RDS Bar gets even more information in seconds than that. In the event you wish, the extension panel can be hidden from view and the automatic collection of website data can be disabled. It only analyses the page if and when a request is made by RDS.

- I gather detailed information about website tion about the websites and individual pages visited;

- These browsers can be used with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox; ;

- Analyse data automatically and in response to user requests;

- Establishes its own information panel ;

- Payments are sometimes received for these services.

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