by Richardson Software

Advanced database administration tool that works across many platforms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Richardson Software

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Those with prior experience with computers, technology and programming expertise will benefit greatly from this tool. In addition to its many features, it also does so much more. Databases can be browsed and organized, SQL scripts can be edited, data from other formats (including Excel) can be imported, tables can be edited, and data can be compared between databases. The tools in this category improve your ability to analyze and understand data, for instance I find that programs such as Excel are not as efficient as them. There have been no issues or inconsistencies with my calculations from this tool, so far. This has led to a greater sense of security when processing and presenting the data I process.

I cannot recommend this tool to anyone who is having trouble understanding computer programs themselves. This tool will throw you off cation (such as SQL), so don't try to figure out where to go to locate it. Certainly, the tool has "easy-to-use" features.to-Using" features and technologies are reserved for those with existing familiarity. A useful tool to use for beginners would, at least in part, offer better descriptions of its features to allow them to begin learning by themselves. I still feel amateurs will be confused by the tool's appearance - I still think amateurs would be confused by the tool's look - Is there a code entry in many of windows??I like to make things flow by changing the font and style.

Based on over 40 test databases, the tool can be utilized for all of these applications; The tool can be downloaded in its entirety from the site. However, it is likely compatible with the database platform for which it is intended.

You will have to pay for this tool if you want it. It appears that there is no free trial as well. With a price tag of $99, this is a big commitment.It costs 95 euros per year for a one-year contract.User licenses, if you have more users.In general, the user fee does decrease, e user fee drops slightly). Therefore, if you're uncertain whether or not you should invest in tech on your own, make sure I'm not involved.

Range of features, from simple to complex

  • Import data in many formats, from many different programs
  • Export data in many formats
  • Organize databases according to your preferences
  • Compare data across databases
  • Edit SQL scripts
You will be snared quickly when you play this instrument because it has such a vast array of components that will save you a lot of time. A colleague recommended I look into it after the manager suggested it. Did. At least since the time of my termination, the preliminary was withdrawn. My nagging and pressing continued until he relented and let me go. Until now, my camper is everything I've ever hoped for -- and much more.
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This program is designed for viewing files formatted in DBF as well as other formats.
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User-There is a friendly database management tool set available for use.