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Create songs if you are a musician. You can start right away, there is no need to create your own chord progressions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MusicDevelopments

Release: RapidComposer 3.64

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A musician that makes great original music has to look no further than Rapid Composer. Every once in awhile, you'll be able to create music that students will notice when you teach them online. The features available here are truly impressive.


With RapidComposer, you can use it to blend your ideas with RapidControl. Think about what works best with your workflow and implement it. Just a few minutes later, you'll have a song.
  • Music Theory Integrated
  • Smart Phrases
  • Phrase Generators
  • Flexible Chord Selection
  • Customizable UI
  • Idea Tool
  • Chord, Scale, Chord Progression Libraries

Even if you have never used a piano, you can get suggestions on what chord to use. It harmonizes automatically- - You get harmonic auto-compatibilityYou can detect Midi chords automatically thanks to your software. You will always come in contact with assistance when you write.

With the smart phrases feature, you will create perfect harmony tracts to go along with your lead in voice. It will be very simple to lay down a master track. Whenever you need to tweak something, you will always have access to this tool.

A color chord switch is displayed in the screen. A chord rule can be configured, and a track can be added in chord voices. Using MIDI drag and drop files or the use of DAWs for composition is certainly an option.

Set your own interface. Each theme has preset sizes and fonts. Own it completely. Everything will always be original and cool.

Using the multi-purpose idea tool, new compositions can be created quickly and easily.track form. Using your phrase and workflow will ensure that it behaves appropriately. You may use search engines for finding your main ideas.

The methods you use for entering chords vary. To perform this task, select the circle of fifths chart from the dropdown menu. You can use a MIDI keyboard or a computer keyboard. The chord selector offers you a list, such as a palette, chord builder and scale degrees.

You can create your own phrase generator. Join notes, adjustment of noise lengths, Permute Chord Notes, swap Chord Notes, expression notes, double notes, delay notes, double letterheads, racTER notes, you can use Join notes, Adjust noise lengths, Permute Chord Notes, Swap Chord Notes, Expression, Double Note

When you make a mistake, you'll just have the option of using the undo button. One-time erasing is available with a simple list or a tree with branches-oriented undo.

is the most valuable composition tool out there. Do you know a good word for more? Get Rapid composer today for a limited time.

Danny Shapeoro
Musicians who are also just starting out and professionals would find this program a brilliant resource, since it does seem to offer a wide range of cool options and is possible to make your own music and create your own wires. In my mind, I would definitely want this music program to play. However, I would likely not pay a lot for it since there are other programs out there similar to it that could probably offer less features than this program.
Elle Jay
Music making is provided by this program. Create a space in your house for composing. Additionally, there are many creative options and the app is available immediately after it is downloaded. It can be intimidating or confusing at times to just try out a music app, and I think that's a good idea as well. Make some music!!
It can be used by musicians and is great for making better music. This allows creativity to be straightforward.
RapidComposer for Windows has really impressed me. As a result of this, I am able to make songs as fast as possible, while keeping everything as simple as possible. With the new feature automatically suggested by borrowing chords, I liked it very much. When there is no chord I'm looking for, I can use this feature. As well, the customizable keyboard shortcuts helped me record some of the toughest parts with less hassle and in less time.
It is my pleasure to edit my compositions with the goal of creating music. My music videos and audios seem to be too expensive, so I was looking for editing software. This program is somewhat convincing. This synthesizer equipment is essential for music reproduction. It can be combined with other applications such as an acoustic guitar and voice, so I would recommend this software for gifted musicians. My personal favorite feature of this application is its modern rhythms added.
Ryan Lassiter
The Rapid Composer product offers a convenient solution for experienced musicians and composers alike; it offers the light version in addition to the full edition. I also like that I can expand my program to make sure my hobby keeps me competitive, and still conserve money while doing so. Rapid composer rocks.
With RapidComposer, the user has an array of tools aimed at covering various music theory and chord progression scenarios. Music creators who wish to experiment with different chords will delight in utilizing this product. You will experience a great deal of automation with these features, enabling you to experiment and discover more unique directions you take with your music. You can explore options on this web application in a really easy manner and play music theory comfortably with its intuitive interface.
In the past, I have suffered from severe creativity problems, but RapidComposer has proven extremely helpful in helping me to overcome them more accurately now. My wish would be that there would be other products in its category. In addition, other software of comparable value is substantially cheaper than this one. The process also eliminates much of the guesswork as well as allowing composers to focus on what matters. This will make it easier to share a project with a budding or hesitant artist.
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