by Sysinternals

Know how memory is being used

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sysinternals

Release: RAMMap 1.52

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Whenever you're curious about your computer's memory and RAM usage, you can download this file. After learning about this download, I was intrigued and began wanting more info. This free app can be downloaded from any web site and is compatible with most computer operating systems. Further, it examines how much memory is being used when it comes to all the applications on the computer, for example. If you are a not-technical-savvy user, the way it is set up can allow you to make even the smallest changes to your understanding of memory allocation and usage while the most RAMM is available. Nonetheless, I did not expect the pictures to convey a very clear concept of what was occurring during storage, but they were clearly delineated with color.coded tabs. There are a variety of tabs that help you layout the information you need and make it easier to find, it is very user-friendly. As far as you are concerned, what you do with the information is entirely up to you. By downloading the same file, you are able to move files from one computer to another and from one computer to another.


  • Simple to use interface
  • Gives you knowledge over where the most memory is being used
  • Easy to download and understand
  • Valuable information given that's simple to understand
  • Free to download on almost any device
  • compatible with windows 10
  • Provides support for you to decide what to do with the information

It's a fairly new download, it hasn't been downloaded that many times as of yet but it is something that can be useful for anyone. Having this download make everything clear to me, I have always wondered how the computer decides where to use its allocated RAM and now I know how to store it. download because it gives you an even better understanding of what goes on in your own computer by means of providing some background knowledge.

lets you know how much RAM and memory is in your computer.

This video is for Windows 10, operating system.

Jane Adams
Having access to a memory usage map is an excellent way to monitor your own memory usage. It's handy for me as someone whose system is always being used by so many processes to know how my memory is being used and how I can make system runs better.
Computer users will notice how much RAM and memory is being used with a Windows based program. is an application that can be used with Windows 10 and displays where most of the memory is used.
Windows 10 compatibility permits users to monitor the performance of their RAM memory with RamMap. The amount of memory used by each app is depicted in red. This graph indicates which area of the brain is being consumed most memory.
Noah Shumaker
Very informational page. What I like about this is how the name of the author is listed. Furthermore, there is quite a bit of links and websites linked to. As soon as I saw the download icon, I realized it was there. Ensures it makes an appearance that is easy to use.
Usually RAMMap identifies a problem of Windows' memory management.The processor does not all work with one set of memory and may use multiple sets.As an example, pages per format. The data per page is very small.
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