by DSoftware

Software that provides professional radio programming engineering

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DSoftware

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RadioBOSS is a program that will help you to automate the broadcasting of radio stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas, etc. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the program can be used wherever a continuous musical design is required. In addition to setting up several settings automatically, it actually works for a long time. a playlist, you will need to load and load supported files that are in mp3, wma, wav, ogg files, and mp3: *wav. *ogg File formats and CD files. The playlist will be configured either the number of tracks included or the length of time the A number of parameters can then be set such as advertising, clock units, jingles, rotation, etc. You can set automatic volume control to let you play the same volume at all times while the playlists are running. Using the built in list of files you can quickly and easily search for any field within the database.

While one of the playlist (one of which is currently in play) may only be able to be edited and prepared for broadcasting, this will not affect the quality of broadcast of the other. As soon as you've created the playlist, you can adjust the color to separate tunes and ads visually and set their effects to echo, reverb, flanger, tempo, and pitch, and adjust the color indication to your liking. You can generate playlists automatically using a CD grabber and equalizer that is available with this program. The start and end of the track should be silent, which, when left, will prevent inappropriate interstices between songs. RadioBOSS lets you play and edit broadcast music, making it easy to manage your music collection.

Because this software is able to launch your own radio station quickly and easily, I love using it on Windows. With this method, it not only transmits radio but also performs other tasks, such as making music for dancing clubs and shops, besides just in the home. I really enjoy that when I create a playlists with RadioBOSS, those playlists can be filtered by your criteria, whether it is publicity or genre, length, etc.
It is useful software that helps broadcasters manage audio and create music flows. With player, you can edit tracks, crossfade tracks, schedule playlists, create teasers, and improve the quality of audio. It's also possible to create your own playlist using the library and generator. The advertisement and report generator allows customize, and in some cases improve upon, the knowledge base for a program. The team at Great Service offers an exceptional support network in an affordable service.
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