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Multimedia framework for windows processors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apple, Inc.

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QuickTime Pro is a great program for creating, playing, converting, and broadcasting video and audio data on the Internet. With QuickTime Pro, you can easily create your own video clip that you can watch on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple TV. As an added bonus, you'll be able to generate high quality images.quality slideshows with audio, record video and publish it on the Internet, etc.

Today this player offers excellent functionality at the level of such famous players as Total Video Player and BS Player.

- Format conversion: Whether you're shooting video from an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV, it will work easily to export it in formats supported by these platforms. Upload a video to the program, click on "Export" in the menu, then select the format that works best for you.

- Internet Optimization: If you intend to publish any video on the internet, QuickTime Pro can streamline the operation and optimize it quickly. The option "Export Web from" can be accessed from the "Export For Web from" menu.

- codec: New to the QT Pro program: A codec that allows us to make videos that are both extremely high quality and compress them to appear in formats like H.I.N.Also lets you take video and audio files and create multi-player experiences with one software licence.channel audio, etc;

- Capture of audio and video with audio and video capture: Video and audio editing is easier with your MacBook Pro enabled for iOS with QuickTime Pro. will allow them to edit and create video podcasts easily;

- How to upload video to the Internet:. The program will pre-charge your handmade video to email if you choose "Share":)); o your family or friends, just click on the "Share" option and the program will quickly prepare it for email;

- Multi-channel audio: On top of creating high images, AirPlay Pro can also offer you remote control.quality multi-An amount of room varies according to how many channels you want the audio to stream.MOV (record medium) and AIFF (avoid) ).

- Automation: By adding Visual Basic Scripts support to the program, which lets you quickly add comments, as well as export data and view it, you have the ability to simplify, speed up and automate routine operations.

QuickTime 7.5 (20.86 MB)
QuickTime 7.6.2 (20.92 MB)
Multimedia players make up over 85% of all downloads in a month, so whether it is cheaper or better for you if you know what's best.
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