by Nenad Hrg

Q-It can access advanced folders in Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nenad Hrg

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Q-Dir (the Quad Explorer) is a very small and very simple, but at the same time very convenient file manager. Even though it is small by traditional program standards, the program is dramatically better at working with files and folders than others. Q-Dir uses the standard Windows Explorer as its engine, and does not add any new features, but extends the existing ones. Accordingly, the principle underlying the program is: A large screen consists of as much as four parts grouped together. In order to move files one by one or copy and move not several of them, separating each component into folders is very helpful. In Q- Dir. Windows Explorer offers all of these features: working with the clipboard, drag & drop support, changing the display of files in folders plus preview images, magnifying glass for people with disabilities, color filter, quick links, favorites and much more.

There are also programs offered by third parties for Windows Explorer, but it is seen as a replacement rather than as a replacement. These programs work on all versions of Windows from the old Windows 98 to the new preview version of Windows 10. Q-The disk format of dir (free of charge) is distributed, and you can install it on your own or play it as a portable installer.

- Folders that are most frequently used can be accessed through the Favorites function.

- Drag&Drop support: you can move files by dragging and dropping them to the Q-View the window above with any other program, as well as MS Explorer.

- There is the option of copying and pasting files through the clipboard interface.The directory viewer from Netscape, or a program such as MS Explorer.

- support for ZIP-, FTP-Folders and shortcuts to files, such as in, network folders, system folders, shortcuts, etc;

- The opportunity to display large icons, list, table, or page thumbnail images with uspics;

- Exporting lls, CSV, TXT, HTML formats;

- pop-up menus: desktop, my computer;

- A way to zoom in and out of any aspect of a picture on your screen;;

- A selection of different types of files (for instance, *).log;*.A different color is used when creating text);

- Quick item selection with this selection filter;

- With the File Filter, you'll quickly and easily choose a list of items in the database.

- All types of speakers will work, including stereo speakers. preservation function;

- Quick-Links provide an easy way to review files quickly;

- An automatic folder selection process that makes possible; such as opening and closing folders from the address panel/desktop, e l panel/desktop/ My Computer menu, etc;

- Multi-INI: Q- files have been found in several in I files for Q-Dir;

- the Tree-Table for hierarchical views of marked items”; emulsification of the gregating collection of marked items);

- There may be preview options available.

Q Dir 6.45.2 (0.52 MB)
Q Dir 6.46.1 (0.52 MB)
Q Dir 6.49.1 (0.53 MB)
Q Dir 6.69 (0.52 MB)
Q Dir 6.78 (0.52 MB)
Q Dir 6.98 (0.55 MB)
Q Dir 6.99 (0.76 MB)
Q Dir 6.99.2 (0.59 MB)
Q Dir 7.08 (0.6 MB)
Q Dir 7.18 (0.6 MB)
Users will be attracted to this 500 KB file manager program.
When I wanted to replace my regular Windows Explorer, I was content with the look and felt that I wanted no change. Q-The Dir app carries over the look and feel of Windows Explorer, while expanding and expanding.
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