PyTivo Desktop

by PyTivo

Transfer files to a compatible TiVo device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PyTivo

Release: PyTivo Desktop 1.6.16

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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By installing the TiVo Desktop, you'll be able to manage files from a device to a TiVo DVR using the original files found on the DVR.


  • Transfer videos from a device such as a desktop to a TiVo device.
  • Convert video or music files for playback on a TiVo device, or another compatible device such as an Apple iPod or another MPEG capable device.
  • Automatic transfers from your desktop to a networked connected TiVo device.
  • Transfer photos to view on a TV connected to a TiVo device.

PyTivo Desktop offers the majority of the functionality of TiVo Desktop, which is no longer available to download and use. Users that still have TiVo Desktop will still benefit from PyTivo Desktop, given that it is much more recently updated and maintained, and has functionality that TiVo Desktop lacks and will not be implemented through newer versions. You'll be able to watch content on your TV screen using PyTivo Desktop if you have an equipped TiVo device. Moreover, users can upload audio and photos to their TiVo device so they can be viewed automatically, something not available with the software. The program offers the capability of converting files to formats such as MPEG, allowing devices like the iPhone and iPod to be used as digital devices. You can install Python Desktop on Windows XP and recent devices for free. Light and easy to use, TiVO Desktop will greatly benefit TiVO users whose wishes to use it were recently realized.

As a program, PyTivo Desktop also functions more like a TiVo Device than a desktop program.
The software software can download videos that can be transferred using computer input and outputs. File transfers using this software are very well done. A HIGH RECOMMENDATION IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS SOFTWARE. WITHOUT having to switch on and off your video files, you're better off using this device.
This software allows you to transfer shows,web videos, music and photos between your PC and an Android device using the USB connection. However, your connection speeds are slow. I would like to make the speed of the transfer improve a great deal.
If you want to play outside files via your TiVo, this is the perfect piece of software. In terms of functionality, Roku Desktop works very similar to that of pyTivo. The program is able to load almost any kind of video compression that users may experience while running this particular app. You can play this format of video through TiVo. Since I have used this app in the past, all types of files seem to work perfectly.
You must use this if you are a big fan of movies. As soon as I receive all of my media, the TiVo automatically downloads it and streams it another way. It's also convenient to share photos with friends and play music with it. This software works with both Mac and PC operating systems and will allow you to access data from each. You can find your media at an organized and easy-to-find way with it.
As a TiVo program player, you don't even need to use a remote control to access TV shows. These are my favorite programming services that I watch at home all day long and I can't recommend them enough. Software comes with an elegant interface, is easy to use, and lets you upload and share music and photos. That the house is open is a joy.When downloading this file, I feel secure because of it.
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