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Python bindings for Digia's Qt cross-platform application development framework

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PyQt is An extension for Python used in Qt, which provides bindings to a graphics library. Previously, PyQt functionality was implemented in the Eric development environment, but later the extension "grew" into a separate project. It allows you to "combine" the rich functionality and "flexibility" of the Qt framework with the simplicity and comprehensibility of the Python object-oriented programming language.

Each component of the extension is individually functional.It is compatible with all modern operating systems. Almost all the classes, methods, and functions from the above framework can be implemented in this code. In addition, there are several powerful tools, especially those for developers, built into it. The PyQt GUI designer comes with the integrated Python code generator, as well as the Qt Designer GUI designer. You can quickly integrate code for different management tools with the Qt Designer. It is a great prototyping tool that makes it possible to test prototype.

In addition, PyQt includes a complete set of graphical shell widgets, XML parser, supports SVG shapes, multimedia functions (audio and video playback) and can be integrated with the popular WebKit engine.

Structurally, PyQt is divided into ten independent modules: A list of examples would include the working objects provided by the OpenGL core, the Python core, tscore, tNetwork (network classes), tsScript (classes for the JavaScript interpreter), tXml (classes that process XML), and tSql Each function and class has one module or unit within each key body. There are two ways to distribute the extension, in which case it is licensed under the GPL.In other words, it is completely free, has open source code, and is available for free.

- The "power" and "flexibility" of the Qt framework and Python programmers combine nability to the Python programming language;

- Scripting, database access, and XML parsing can be separately used; XML parsing can be used for HTML (based on the WebKit engine) as well as vector graphics (SVG and other graphics functions).

- Presentation of graphical and intuitive prototypes via a quick web API to assemble and bind Python code for interface components;

- Multimedia opportunities can be realized; and

- This is a graphic shell design with a Qt Designer interface.

- The collection of prepared foods.made interface widgets.

An extension for Python used in Qt, which provides bindings to a graphics library. With previous versions of PyQt functionality, parts of the program were available directly from Eric development, while newer extensions were integrated into one project.
Qt is a great product because it can be used with Python. Furthermore, the platform is equipped with many more independent modules which seem to make it very well. In addition to its open source code, it is very efficient.
With PyQt for Windows you can program using the GUI interface.based. Additionally, the software is able to offer one with pre-built settings.Using our software, you can design the program interface. All Windows versions from the previous versions can use this free software, as long as they have Windows 7 or later. Most of the software was written in the C++ language or in Python.
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