by Pushbullet Inc

Software for Android which allows one to send messages via their Windows computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pushbullet Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pushbullet is a pretty useful application that you can use to set up a "broadcast" of notifications from a portable device to your computer. There is quite a bit of work involved in configuring the program. In order to log in to both your desktop and mobile client, you must have an account with Google or Facebook. Then, you'll receive a pop-up notification as soon as the devices are paired.Having computer notifications up when you open a message via your smartphones/phics. The program lets you share files as well as receive notifications. Images, documents, and a variety of multimedia formats can easily be transferred. A message can also be sent via text message to your computer. As a result, hyperlinks can be moved from one program to another, without copying them.

Pushbullet allows you to connect to several devices at once. Each time a new device is connected to another device, it creates a "pair". Using this method, iOS and Android devices using this environment can be able to "sleep" with one another. File sharing and receiving notifications from one device to another are both possible when these two devices work together. Both devices must have Pushbullet applications installed properly. If you are using an AppStore or Google Play, you can download them.

While responding to some SMS and messengers, the program lets you make your own personal responses directly from your computer. You don't have the ability to hear from us. Furthermore, Pushbullet does not charge any royalties or advertisements; it's free to use.

- With this application you can "broadcast" notifications for portable devices from the app to PCs.

- Sending data and text using this system;

- Installing a device involves signing into your Google or Facebook account; ;

- Whether you want to reply to SMS messages or message by mobile messenger via your computer, here are some options.

- It is totally free to use and available anywhere.

This app makes managing notifications on your mobile devices and computers very simple, as none of your notifications comes in until you reach the destination.
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