PUBG Mobile

by Tencent Games

It is one of the most popular action-packed games with players who are addicted from the very beginning.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tencent Games

Release: PUBG Mobile 11.0.16777.224

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This game is frequently referred to as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds among players. action-oriented activity t action-oriented activity-Battle Royale is a game based on royale. To participate in the game, 100 players will be matched up against each other in a tournament.It is a popular game that makes use of various types of weapons and special items. Like other battle royale games, the mechanics and rules for this game aren't as complicated. While defending yourself from harm, you should keep fighting as long as your life is at risk. This game is addictive because it features action sequences that are highly unpredictable and the game has little rhyme or reason.

players land on an island by parachute and can search for weapons, buildings, vehicles, armor, and ghost towns to survive. The game then guides them through the battle against their enemies by using their weapons, soldiers, vehicles, and armor. As soon as the match announced, these items were distributed. For every round, the area shrinks to another random location, and whoever gets eliminated after that round is thrown out of the safe zone. By completing an entire round, the player will receive a boost in game currency. After the battle has ended, the last man on the battlefield is left to go.


By doing so, we think about having a number of tasks to accomplish.
  • The ability to do multiple tasks at once is created.
  • A platform-independent game, this project was published by PUB.
  • To optimize PUBG for Windows, Tencent incorporated an emulator.
  • A creative game not so much on whether or not the player plays it yet another week.

The game was designed by Brendan Greene.

Mods and custom game modes are available.

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