by Microsoft

can be used to manage up to many computer systems at once.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release: PsTools 2.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PsTools is a command line based suite that allows users to manage one or many PCs both. PsTools can be used locally or even remotely. PsTools can be remotely operated, so you can do your programing remotely and not have to be present at the computer. As long as a computer that attempts to be reached can be connected to a network, there are a number of commands that can be used in the PsTools suite: run processes, write passwords, reboot/shut down a PC or whatever. Windows users are the ones with the most access to many of these administrative tools. The settings for remote access to all these options can be made by using PsTools. Networks are likely to benefit from using PsTools in many ways, from the ease of administration through to the user interface. PsTools also comes with malicious tools so hackers who acquire them can exploit them. PsTools works within a command line interface, however, there are certain standards that must be met. Both the local and remote computers that a user is trying to connect to remotely need to have both file and print sharing enabled in order to use the PsTools Suite.


  • Control PCs remotely
  • Execute many commands (ipconfig, wmic, net_user)
  • No separate software needed
  • Simple to use

In conclusion, PsTools is a great suite of commands to use for accessing a computer remotely. There is an excellent chance that these tools will be used by an IT professional and possibly by a network administrator as well. PsTools enables you to control processes remotely, while it also facilitates command line operations via ipconfig remotely. However, then again, Hackers can get user credentials from PsTools as well as sensitive information from computers, so they could wreak havoc with networks.

Software that controls things by commanding the command line.
PsTools 2.4.2 (0.56 MB)
PsTools 2.10 (0.56 MB)
Administrators of networks may find this product useful. Although the downside of this software is its ability to allow hackers to collect sensitive data without permission from others' computers, it is of benefit to many. I should say that, considering I am not a network administrator or a hacker, this product is at least three stars out of five. Due to the fact that I am an average computer user, it would be pointless for me to use it.
One can easily manage multiple PCs simultaneously with PSTools for Windows, its excellent software that takes advantage of commands with a GUI. There are incredible administrative tools within this app, making it one of the most secure apps. Additionally, one can control multiple PC's remotely from the same app.
Similarly, the software would be useful for home users and information technology professionals at any business level by assisting with management of information technology, such as securing their data and managing software related passwords. It would also be helpful if their business technology policies had security features that they could easily install.
A command-line utility named PsTools for Windows analyses all processes running on your computer as well as making sure that they all appear in the list. Networks for PCs and laptops work as free WiFi connections either locally or remotely. hands-free- great!!When users who want to find out exactly what is running, and how fast it might be slowing things down, ask for it, as described.
PCs on remote servers can be accessed remotely through this system. The simplicity and efficiency of this system make it very easy to use. As a result, it is very quick to install on all our desktop computers, and it has made their experience so much less stressful. Especially relevant during such times is the ability to share files online, when you're surrounded by people working from home.
Using a command line on a Microsoft Windows PC is easy with PSTools for Windows if you use any of the included extensions. The download is quick and unpacking is fast. If possible, please make sure you are able to act as administrator. Free and safe, this program is a great choice. With older versions of Windows, you can use this program.
The software is a cost-free version published by Microsoft. The remote control allows you to control it from your home. INSTEAD OF IDENTIFYING a specific tool for installation, we offer all-in-one installation. NOT AVAILABLE AT WHERE HESE VIRUS TRIGGER NOTIFICATIONS NEED TO BE DISPLAYED, BUT ARE RECOVERED IN THE BLACK BOX.
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