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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Breeze Systems

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WARNING: It is not certain whether the program will continue to operate or not. The latest version is available on our website.

PSRemote is a Canon PowerShot digital camera software. It is possible to connect this camera using a USB cable from your desktop computer to perform a range of functions with it.

PSRemote has the ability to save all camera settings and restore them when using the camera again. This allows for you to control the device up to 5 meters (16 feet) away via a USB cable and can be used anywhere. This device can be used with Canon PowerShot Pro1, G6, G6, S2 IS, S3, IS, S80, S70, and A520 cameras.

- Computers running Windows operating systems can be used to operate the camera.

- Distance control - to steer the camera in your direction. In an environment where the task is unpleasant, it is vital that the function be effective.

- Direct control over the image on your monitor screen;

- Having the capability to display images with high quality playback lets you see results for a given sample rate;

- The image quality for online auctions, online retail, and other e-commerce uses is improved;

- a method for improving image quality in low light environment.

- Working through a PC may be accessed to the video camera settings.

- The following steps will ensure that each shot is set up in the correct sequence.

- There is the possibility of automatically shooting with a motion detector (with additional Webcam Zone Triggers).

Users of PSRemote are able to view their camera settings, perform basic tasking and connect to a digital camera. Canon PowerShot cameras with it are generally used.
Although I do use my Mac, when I found this package I was skeptical about using it on a PC since I prefer not to use a PC.geared products. The problem was not as difficult to figure out as it seems. Very user friendly! There are lots of editing tools built into the file, as well as great picture quality. Two thumbs up!
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