PS4 Remote Play

by Sony

An easy and effective way to stream PlayStation 4 games to your Mac or Windows PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sony

Release: PS4 Remote Play 2.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can stream video and audio from your PS4 game to your PC, Mac, Android phone, or iPhones using Remote Play. Computers with desktops or laptops work with it. Remote Play, if a player enters the field, the action ends there. You are not limited to using Remote Play with a TV.


  • Easy USB or wireless connection
  • Can be paired with DualShock controllers
  • PC, Mac and Android mic and sound support
  • DS4 wired connection support to PC
  • DS4 wireless connection support (with wireless adapter)
  • Readily available downloads for multiple platforms
  • PC, Mac laptop and desktop apps
  • Android and iPhone apps

With Remote Play and a DualShock 4 wireless controller, your PS4, games, home screen, and more can be streamed via your home broadband network. The app uses the existing wireless to display and play PS4 games on a number of devices, including an Android phone, an iPhone, a iOS, laptop and desktop PC.

A hassle-free way to stream your gameplay from the makers of the PS4

You can even use your PS4 controllers through existing Bluetooth connectivity. If you own an iPhone or an Android device, there's no better place to find out how to connect them to your PS4 than within a few easy steps based on features already available on your phone.

You can connect your device to the internet using both wireless and wired USB devices. Both the iPhone and the Windows 10 mobile operating system can receive USB data through a wired connection.Computers and Mac laptops or desktops that are based at home.

We need to get on with the family TV instead of having fights. With Remote Play, you are able to stream your favorite PS4 games over the Internet whether on your phone or laptop. If you own a PlayStation 4 DualShock controller, you can use it as if you were in a TV, making gameplay realistic. One can play games with no TV accompaniment or in heavy time. There's no need to dictate what the TV looks like or dominate others who want to watch the content. Additionally, the apps can be downloaded for free.


- You can use an office computer, computer or notebook.

- Android or iPhone

- Wireless adapter (optionally)

- DualShock controller (optionally)

Nicole Thordsen
We love PS4 Remote Play because it provides convenient access to games using Android and iPhone. It's also possible to use your laptop while waiting to use the TV.
COULD BE NOEL'S PLAYSTATION BLUETOOTH REMOTE CONTROLLER TO GREAT FOR WINDOWS & MAC. AS A RANTER that has alway's wishes I could theoretically play video games on the my PC inside the monster studio that I have done my PC game console integration while on the laptop computer.
As a result, this setting up was incredibly easy. With just a few clicks, you can get everything you want. My apologies for the awkward soundcheck. My PS4 game is running at full volume in the other room while I travel very much. So cool. You can play it with any MacBook or Mac computer running on either OS or Windows!
I really enjoy using this software. With so many hours spent on my laptop nowadays, being able to play my PS4 while not being forced to leave the computer is great. The tasks I need on my laptop can be done without too much difficulty, and I am even able to jump right to the games. Having this tool handy would be excellent for you if you are experiencing the same situation as me.
In its attempt to resolve this problem, PS4 Remote Play is trying to bring console players and PC players together for once again. With this application, users can easily control their PlayStation 4 device from the computer without having to have it set up automatically. Therefore, gamers will be able to enjoy richer experiences through their laptops without having to engage in extra gaming at home.
Update with v3.the version devolved to the remote playing mode of Windows is really good, with much of its activities relating to updating the good with extra actions as in adding items to the update version, adding the data, and generating points based on added items.
PlayStation gamers using PS4 Remote Play will find it to be helpful if they have to monitor and play from their PS4 via Windows PCs in order to play. It is recommended that you refresh the firmware in order to set it up initially. When it is done, Enable Remote Play on your PlayStation device. It can be used in conjunction with the accompanying articles to create a large arrangement. Alternatively, for those who need assistance installing or fixing a game when everything has been prepared, they can find out what is available in our Gaming Hub. you wish to add more aides, fixes, and tips, look at our instruction exercise center where you will discover plenty of aide options on the most effective basis.Remote Play is an awesome little device for PlayStation comfort gamers that lets you stream and distantly mess around on your Windows PC from your PlayStation 4. They are very easy to operate. The PlayStation4 special features are really special enough to make a PC user want to experience them for themselves, for example.
It is possible to control your PS4 using Remote Play on any Internet-enabled device at your home, no matter where you are in the country.FI can reach. players that you don't need to stay on one room. The phone can be used anywhere you like and you can continue to play your games there. In today's world where players aren't always sitting at their table, and they can always play at their computer, this software gives players great features. Moreover, they can play as themselves without needing to unhook equipment and reset it all somewhere else.
Used with my Lenovo laptop when it was a little old, great for me. Based on how my friends describe the device, it works well on Mac. VR support hasn't yet been provided. Bummer. Windows 8, if you have not done so yet, please just try going to Windows 10. It's going to work, don't know why they still have it.1.
An interesting and exciting application, Play for a PC (PSP 4) makes it possible for users to play their ps4 games on their computers. The benefit of this kind of device is it lets you play games all over the world while enjoying an interesting variety of entertainment without having to be in one place for any time. The concept of a device that allows you to play your favorite games on as many devices as you wish is very appealing to me.
You can play PS4s remotely using PS4 Remote Play for Windows from any computer with a keyboard. There is no need to plug in HDMI because the setup is so simple. The system takes about a few minutes to set up. Having PS4 Remote Play for Windows allow you to play games on your monitor for hours at a time. Having these options make it even more convenient to play with your friends.
Games gamers should have this app. It is easily controllable from anywhere you are with a PS4. Through your phone, you can send and receive text messages to your PS4 anywhere in the world. Using this app, you can play games at any location. Using it over your network settings will result in only one disadvantage - you must use a high-bandwidth connection.speed Wifi.
PS4 Remote Play is a utility software that allows users to connect a PS4 console with a computer or laptop. It is built for casual and serious PS4 gamers. The program allows the streaming of games around a network, the hosting of local multiplayer games, communications though voice or typed messages, and the transfer of saved PS4 games or progress to any device.
Using PS4 Remote Play, you can use your phone from a different place to play your PlayStation console. Whether you are inside a room or outside, you can use your phone to make and receive calls, adjust alarms, and turn on lights and sound. There are two disadvantages: You cannot Remote Play on a computer when it shares with other computers, while you cannot remote play on a DVD or Blu-ray disc.For those who use their PS VR in VR mode, this should occur when using their ray device.
A new PS4 benchmark has been reached with PS4 Remote Play for Windows. This wonderful software allows you to use a device to control your PlayStation controls - as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. users have the flexibility that comes from this application. This tool offers users the ability to interact in multiple ways with other people and has many innovations.
In my opinion, it will be a very convenient thing to carry with you when PlayStation 4's be launched. There are lots of steps to follow, but it isn't a big deal for those with a skill set more suited to technology. I believe it is a good idea. However simple the steps are, people will do likewise.
There are several types of devices supported by the PS4 gamming app: mobile phones, tablets, and gaming consoles such as the PS4.). Both mobile and wireless data are connections. In order to get top performance and efficiency, strong wireless is connections. All gaming addiction players should read on.
Using the PS4 Remote Play platform, you're able to control your play station console remotely to play any game you want, whenever and wherever you have access to the internet. This is a safe and easy-to-use way to stream games,and has a user-friendlyThanks for downloading it and happy enjoying your gaming experience.
PS4 Remote Play offers me the ability to control and manage my PS4 games from my PC. I don't have an access to a PC while using it, so I want this program. PS4 World Live comes only in an application that will allow you to play it as if you were there in person. Also, you can run it using any OS device, including Macs and Android devices.
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