by Proxy Labs

Allows one to specify a SSH network as the proxy server

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Proxy Labs

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The ProxyCap program is designed to run Internet applications through proxy servers working on the protocol HTTP, SOCKS v4 and SOCKS v5. In ProxyCap you will be able to specify applications that will connect to the Internet via proxy servers. There are a lot of steps required to use the program.Online applications can be customized without having to restart. Thanks to our intuitive graphical interface. you can choose from a variety of unique “tunneling” settings in ProxyCap. There is no need to spend time or resources on creating a new rule.

Whenever Windows users come up with any problem using proxy services, proxy cap offers the best proxy solution. Proxy Cap is an incredibly easy and straightforward program to use with its excellent User Interface. When using software frequently, its not done in the software screen, which can look outdated or inaccessible. By making its interface easy to use again with Proxy Cap, all that goes away. It will be worth buying it again if it is the right product.
It is a software program that directs your domain name system's traffic to a proxy server by way of a remote proxy. Among Proxy Cap's most important features is the option to place the user's location hidden when redirect all Domain Name System requests, as well as the possibility to use either one proxy server or to run a chain of proxy connections, from one to multiple servers. Setting this app involves no further effort than opening the APP and clicking the new icon in it, entering a IP Address, Hostname, and Port, then saving the configuration in order to be able to use this server, if that is required. To add any other Proxy, simply repeat previous
Using ProxyCap, we can connect to proxy servers via our computer's network. Proxy chain and 64 bit support are available thanks to this software. Amazon employees benefit from centralized management support provided by Amazon. It is imperative that Amazon workers use this software for their jobs. My access to the site is much improved here.
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