by The ProjectLibre community

It is a project management software that enables users to sort and work on the same batch of projects.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The ProjectLibre community

Release: ProjectLibre 1.9.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ProjectLibre is the best Windows software program for management, and specifically for user management of any ongoing projects and the like. Ideal for simple and advanced users alike, this software allows users to instantly manage and personalize their project organization so that you are never confused as to the location or status of your projects. When one uses this feature to work with projects, they have more time to sort and work with them simultaneously. With this application, users of simple or advanced PC's, both personal and professional, as well as users of any Windows PC operating system, are highly recommended.

Program of your dreams, free and open source. Any device must be Java configured to work, then running it does not matter what type of device it is. As an open book, it is the best.Because of this source code as well as its non-subscription nature, it is one of the best software options for this project. It makes organizing your files easy, making sorting files a breeze, and making cleaning your files a breeze as well. It produces high-quality products with ease.

Even though I am a student, I am planning to use this software more frequently as it will ensure that all of my projects and assignments are sorted independently and at their best on any given day. It will make your life easier both at work and at school if you download this, not just because it's free, but because it'll make your life so much more convenient.

Open source and free, so you do not need a subscription

  • Project management all in one
  • Keeps files sorted and organized
  • Allow simultaneous management
  • Open source and free to download/use
  • Simple and elegant interface
ProjectLibre 1.5.9 (62.46 MB)
ProjectLibre 1.9.1 (62.46 MB)
I absolutely love using ProjectLibre Windows since it enables me to control and manage ongoing projects with clear responsibilities for stakeholders. In addition to allowing me to filter on specific projects and tasks, I'm also able to view their expected completion dates by simply clicking on them. also appreciate that I can combine projects into subtasks at all times.
As far as we can tell, Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 and 2010 are the only Microsoft Project documents supported by ProjectLibre. ProjectLibre key elements: Microsoft Project Gantt Chart Network Diagrams can be considered as analogies with the WBS/RBS Framework for Problem Solving Asset Histograms.
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