progeCAD Smart


Reads AutoCad DWG files and has expansive functionality

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PROGESOFT

Release: progeCAD Smart

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A two-time reading and writing operation is conducted using this software.5 to 2009


  • It has the requisite AutoCAD Commands
  • AutoLISP is included!
  • Express Tools!
  • Plus, export to PDF or JPG / 11,000 free symbols and blocks / Basic Rendering Tools

progeCad Smart (for Windows) offers the best free CAD package on the market! There isn't anything harder than this for architects or engineers. As soon as you are ready to convert PDF documents and enhance your photos, the pro version will download and install.

This software is better due to its AutoCAD capibility

The AutoCAD clone is exceptional and full of features without burdensome system requirements. If you can live with personal use restrictions and no reflection of post-2009 DXF file format revision, then go ahead and download this product.

This file is only 100mb, yet delivers everything you need for a starter pack. One of the best features of the software is: e extras, these include: With Wintopo on top, you can generate realistic raster images with the ability to render them quickly. The vast ALE libraries (over eleven thousand pre-2007) can also be accessed.drawn blocks). In a sense, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a state-of-the-art drafting system. Microsoft Windows 7 users have plenty of options regarding the use of this software, and it is not mandatory.

Some other important features to consider include: It uses oSnap like a temporary point and snap interpreter with layers and blocks. Make sure that you stay up to date with how your editing tools work. 3D shading and rendering can both be used along with. This is the successor to progeCAD Smart 2008 that we have all been waiting for!

It has a disclaimer that this is not open source, therefore it cannot be utilized commercially and there are features that cannot be utilized without the Pro version.

We hope you'll enjoy this great product and think of it as yours to keep.

Joy Montoya
Michelle Richter
This software packs a punch in such a small package. You can render photos pack pdf files there is many wonderful features. It is small so not much space is required. The best part is they offer it for free.
This is the best free Computer Aided Design (CAD) product on the market. It is marketed towards architects and engineers. There is a professional version with PDFs and better photo rendering. Everyone interested in learning CAD should give this product a try!
Jacob Bowser
progeCAD Smart has a non-commercial free version and a paid version. A must have for engineers, as it is the leading computer aided design program. Supports many advanced features such as AutoLISP and VBA scripting. Useful for both editing and printing. Would recommend the free version for sure!
It is fully comfortable with windows 10. functional and powerful based CAD software. It is a very good CAD designing software. This software using by civil, architectural, graphics designing students. It is easy to learn and easy to install the pc. It is very smart for windows. some computer institution learn this software for engineering students. I like to use this previous years. wonderful perfect software. userfriendly and am using it my laptop. very realistic software
Many times a client will create a ticket where someone has sent them .dwg files with this extension only a few programs will open or view progeCAD Smart for Windows can access these files for converting and printing, it even has some basic tools to work with the audoCad files which is a bonus, I will be keeping this installed for when it is needed, plus it is a much smaller program than the DWG viewer.
Regarded as among the highest caliber freeware available for its purpose, progeCAD Smart for Windows is designed to meet the exacting needs of engineers, but created for the regular computer-using public. Computer Aid Design program aficionados will appreciate the expansive nature of this package and the fact that it actually takes up very little space on a device. Inclusive is the mandatory AutoCAD Commands, AutoISP and Express utilities. Use the system to transfer data to PDF or JPG. Besides its versatile functionality and high professional standards, users praise the system for being an easy learning tool and for its simplicity of installation.
ProgeCAD is the latest and greatest design software that aims to be better than AutoCad with even more functionality. If you have any experience with AutoCad, you will be able to easily pick up and use ProgeCAD with their simple, easy to use, updated GUI. ProgeCAD was designed by CAD developers to make computer design intuitive and powerful. ProgeCAD is the future of design for engineers.
This software is amazing. If you are unsure of the program, they give you a 30-day trial to show you just how integrated and great this program can be. Check it out! This is a good alternative to the more expensive AutoCAD and it's amazing that it is a lifelong license that you receive, so you don't have to constantly pay for the upgrades. That's what really got me. I feel like this could be a good alternative to having to consonantly sending money every x amount of time to get the updates. All of the other programs seem like a scam.
My reviews are for 2D only, I have not used enough 3D in this program to list many pros and cons regarding 3D. This is a robust, full-featured 2D AutoCAD clone with 3D wire-frame capabilities. The cons are insignificant when compared to the usefulness and features of this program. Please do not let my cons discourage anyone from using this program. It does not have a function to make slide libraries like AutoCAD does with the slidelib command. You can make slides - progeCAD calls them snapshots - as .sld, .wmf, or .emf. To make an image tile menu you need to use LISP and DCL. You cannot make your own toolbar icons as with AutoCAD. 3D is wireframe and not true solid modelling.
The progeCAD software is meant for a variety of users including engineers, software developers, artists and more. It is an affordable software that serves as a replacement for more expensive software. It allows users to create drawings and illustrations at very precise and technical levels. PDF's can be easily converted to drawing files which is a great feature. Also, there is only one initial payment which is an advantage.
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