Profile Picture Genius

by Lonking

A free application for creating personalised avatars for your profile.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lonking

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Profile Picture Genius for Windows is not only a genius piece of software that you can use today, it is also free to use and you will be able to create and export your avatar creations in a matter of minutes.

With this program, you can create avatar for your social media platforms, such as MySpace, YouTube, and many others, using existing images that you would like to use for your creation, and also use your own creations. The issue with using avatars can often be the pixels or the size not being right which can lead to an unprofessional looking site. Profile Picture Genius resolves this so that you can use your avatars across all of the platforms and you won't have to worry about the format or the size being an issue. Due to this, if you would like more options to choose from, and do not wish to use the incredible selection of presets it is very simple to modify or manual customize the size of your avatar in the software, since we support it too.

Exports and imports can be conducted in the following formats. This includes PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc. You can download and import the following images, but ensure your image files do not have any problems before and after importing and exporting them. Using different formats can be confusing at times and Profile Picture Genius lets you easily export your images to a format that makes sense to you. Having this incredible function of Profile Picture Genius in Windows gives you more choices to create a stunning avatar image with all your favorite formats. If you use Profile Picture Genius in Windows, you'll have plenty of possibilities to utilize to your liking.

You can easily crop your avatars on multiple platforms with software that allows you to manage them all on your own.

  • Free to use
  • Create custom avatars for any social media platform
  • Import your images to multiple formats
  • Export your avatars to various formats
  • Crop images manually to create the perfect avatar

Recipient's supported formats for import and export are listed below.

Input formats: If you have a camera, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG or PGM, PPM or GIF, the file is converted into JPEG.

Use BMPs, JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to export files.

It is strongly recommended that you check out Profile Picture Genius th their services, then you must check out Profile Picture Genius for Windows. A new avatar for your YouTube account, Instagram or Facebook page isn't required, and Profiles Picture Genius lets you customize your avatars so they are professionally formatted and consistent. The avatar presets available for developing avatar from scratch always serve the purpose, however you may choose to use one instead.
My favorite way to present my profile are using avatar images. It was found that way by looking for the right software. I was thrilled when I posted it online with my friends. In Windows, I created my avatar with the use of profile picture genius. Despite its complexity, it was perfect. By using the software, I created an avatar for all the different social media platforms from which I use the images to Crop my Images. So cool.
Genius is a free application to create profile pictures for Windows. A photo resize app such as this allows you to cut, copy, paste or save the image instantly. These pictures were taken on-camera. I attach them all. Therefore, editing is the greatest profession in the world. These are the steps you can take to model profile pictures. The image seems to create quite quickly. The purpose of such apps is to assist in illegal activities and scammers. The spread of and denial of fake news is extremely rapid and easy. Consequently, these types of applications are easily installed.
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