by Privoxy Developers

Serves as a proxy for windows usage

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Privoxy Developers

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Privoxy is a non-A proxy server uses advanced filtering functions to ensure privacy, to update website data, and to modify HTTP protocol headers to make access to connections more convenient. The Privoxy software has the ability to flexibly adjust to individual needs and tastes. It supports both standalone and multiuser network applications. A license for the GPL2 version of Privoxy is free. The non-profit Privoxy is the cause of its existence.A profit organization that creates software ss Interest (SPI)

As a result, there is not enough definition in this general description to make up for everything there is to it. The average consumer doesn't have a full understanding of how they're made so easy to understand and comprehend.
Although the general description is good, it fails to capture the true meaning of many of the things it mentions. i think that is uses too much technical language for the average consumer to understand and comprehend.
The fact that it creates proxy operations and that they're used is wonderful. Using Python and PowerShell you will be able to create and create proxy in privoxy.
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