Privacy Eraser

by Cybertron Software Co

By erasing Windows' privacy concerns, the issues have been resolved.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cybertron Software Co

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Privacy Eraser is a powerful technical utility with a wide range of tools for cleaning and optimizing the system, as well as for keeping many of the user's data secure. This feature can be easily used to tidy up all the accumulated files in the application over a long period of time and so help you simplify and streamline your storage requirements.called "trash" objects: The hdd should serve as a platform where files and folders can be saved.This results in the "operating system" getting cluttered with all these files and folders left undone after they have been deleted, installed, discarded, and unused for too long.

There is always an added level of privacy protection provided by Privacy Eracer. If you choose to use this option, you are able to clear the browser's cache, the history of browsing it, and even the browser's cookies.Type URL- a URL for the page that ends with the address bar, and an URL for the URLs entering that page.A list of the addresses, DNS cache, the history of passwords filled (logins and passwords), and an index of the past use of those passwords.dat files, Windows search history, "Run" menu history, "Open and Save" dialog history, last opened/saved documents, temporary files, basket and clipboard contents, Windows event logs, error reports, etc.

For more convenience and efficiency, Privacy Eraser is equipped with a number of interesting and useful additional features: A scheduled auto-start will be enabled for advanced cleaning with subsequent rebooting and shutdown of the PC.Tools for cleaning the software and safe removal of the files, as well as for editing auto-exe settings.There are lots of programs to run (load / autorun), as well as complete disk cleaners (erasing). Since it exists today, over three hundred various plug-in versions from various developers are already developed for this utility- the software has several hundred users already.With its solid functionality at a distance, Ins is even more impressive.

You will find it in the Privacy Eraser app with a bunch of really helpful tools for both making sure your system stays secure as well as keeping everything private for yourself. Generally, you should consider this option if you want your computer to work properly and your privacy to be respected.
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