priPrinter Professional

by Pelikan Software Kft

A virtual printer program allowing advanced editing of documents, including watermarks and PDF conversion

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pelikan Software Kft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With PriPrinter Professional, you can view and edit print jobs on the fly while viewing them clearly. The solution we have here is an integrated virtual printer that is automatically installed. The user can install the necessary drivers several times if he/she accepts the proposal - or she can accept none of them. A separate installation will be performed by the installer for the remainder. The computer will recognize and view the printer as a physical one.

The way you work with priPrinter Professional is as follows: Virtual printers are used when you send a document for printing, i.e., you have to provide an input file with virtual addresses for them.The program shell is accessed by way of the s e. to the program shell. You can change it, delete unnecessary pages, edit text, improve graphics, etc. It is also possible to save the document as a PDF once it is processed. By creating own watermarks using its interface, the program provides an effective means of protecting printed documents.

- converts text documents into PDF files easily;;

- You can print without the use of editors or edit your documents during the process;

- The existence of watermarks makes it possible to add extra meaning to documents.

- It also comes with an installed spell check.checking system;

- Unlike many other websites, this interface is extremely simple.

As far as I know, this item is only possible if it's useful. I believe it would be an extremely niche practice, especially in the short term. With a document editor added to a print queue, I believe it is unnecessary. To place a document on printed artise how you want in an editor before sending it to print? Even if you save a text file in PDF form, the functionality may not seem very useful.
The virtual printer performs a lot of work without stopping, and it can make any job easy. Printing, watermarking, and spell-checking require no editing by your PDF doc.Your documents can be converted into PDF. Having it install itself really makes me happy because, as I've always run into, there are a lot of print manager confusions associated with Windows.
There is a program that allows you to view all print jobs in one place and change them at any moment.
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