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Online streaming P2P software which allows user to watch TV Program online.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PPS

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PPStream is an online TV streaming Program with decent playback quality for its user. In addition to an advertising panel and a media player, the program features three sections, each containing a list of channels. With Internet-access capabilities and a great broadband connection, it is easy to watch TV online.


  • Online TV stations Streaming From China
  • Powered by Windows Media Player ( Windows 32-bit -64-bit )
  • Non-contextual advertising
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Free Application

PPStream is a Software that allows the user to be able to stream TV programs online using a peer to peer Protocol. The user can then look for a program to stream. Using PPStream can provide a nice playback experience.

Very good playback quality and FREE

Since this software user interface is in Chinese, It would be difficult to find a specified program to watch when browsing the channel list. One key element about this streaming software is that it gives you content to watch in decent quality with excellent broadband connections.

Nonetheless, the user interface is very user friendly with a media player in the centre of the main interface, as well as a channels search engine bar at the top of the user interface.

You can personalize the software by going through its settings. The setting options make it easy to change Layout, Skin color, Connection settings, and many other variables.

However, it is not available for advertisements.contextual advertising. It is important for consumers to feel secure that the software has undergone 27 in-depth security tests.viruses and anti-malware software. Results for all of them do come back positively, preferably to 100%. Please note that this test only reflects this version of the product.

Overall, PPStream has a 3.The user rating for this site is five out of five. A user of this program could find that they were able to stream a very good quality video online. These Chinese-language versions of the software are good, but the quality is good overall.

  • PPStream minimum operating system is Windows ( 32-bit and 64-bit).
  • PPStream is available as a freeware for all users
It definitely scores five stars.The product, as well as everything about it, is everything I have ever liked about it. It should be in each home of every individual. User friendly, efficient. The fact that it is free is very attractive to me. We are so grateful that you created this product. Revolutionary and wonderful. Moreover, the software is highly reliable.It is great for all of my friends and family.
Arran Hollingsworth
People who want to watch TV from their home without cable can use the Internet, as there are many channels and shows they can watch in mandarin and Cantonese. Another great reason is the fact that the channels will keep on showing from multiple channels online.
It was a free download for my PC to use. cool in that you are able to stream online videos. If it works out for me, I will try it out. I assume it was a Chinese program since the interface is written in Chinese. Although it takes some lucky guessing to figure out the interface, you can use it within a few seconds. Being able to play online television is a wonderful thing about the software.
I am referring to this particular software. As I see it, if it is for free, then it is perfectly feasible to install. I'm sorry to say, they're a bunch of software the company claims is free, but once you download and install it, it asks for money for the service. Having reviewed this software, I can tell you that streaming software for games, movies, etc. are its features. This place is such a gem and I need to investigate more and feed my readers more.Getting to this point I feel pretty good about the situation.
is an online streaming program that allows you to listen to streaming television online via your PC or Mac device. Many Chinese channels offer streaming but PPstream will be able to find the desired programme with excellent video quality.
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