A joystick emulator designed for Windows, including ways to use existing gamepads directly from your computer

Operating system: Windows

Release: PPJoy 0.78

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PPJoy is a Joystick Emulator designed for windows, similar to DirectPad Pro.


  • Supports devices connected Via MIDI, USB or the virtual joystick interface
  • Gamepad and joystick buttons can be adjusted to users preference
  • Includes a pack of drivers that makes it compatible with many different types of systems
  • Drivers installed include drivers for systems such as Playstation, Atari, Sega, SNES(Super Nintendo), and more!
  • It can be used by anyone for free of charge without a commercial end.
  • Includes keyboard to joystick emulation
  • Small download at 1.5MB to download

The drivers included allow you to use sega, playstation, NES gamepads, as well as older game consoles such as Atari by connecting them via the parallel port. The system detects what game system to adapt to, and allows the user to customize buttons to their preference for quick and easy play. Unlike Direct Pad Pro, it will provide the same benefits. It supports a virtual joystick interface for generating joystick events via PPjoy in order for other applications to work with that interface. can be controlled by keyboard.An application similar to this one uses the joystick.

The PPjoy program has many customization options, and the user can choose what he/she likes best.

There is a current version of PPjoy.The number of employees is 1 out of 178.Five MB worth of memory is required for download, accessed from several different websites and runs all currently available operating systems as well as their newest features.

You can also access PPjoy for free if you are not a legal tender.commercial personal use.

PPjoy has been slightly overtaken by its rival Vjoy, claiming Vjoy's support for newer operating systems is why the software is now a bit more popular, but PPjoy continues to be a good choice for anyone who has an older operating system. In addition, for those with newer operating systems, PPjoy can simply be installed and run in compatibility mode to solve this issue.

The driver easily supports Windows XP and 2000, and Windows 7, with some support for Windows 98, but unfortunately does not support windows 10.

Abby Salonga
With that in mind, when I entered the link, I found it slightly confusing but once I figure out what this device is and use it for benefits, I am totally glad I stumbled upon it and I am eager to get back using it. It is extremely easy to use and pleasant to
Kimberly Howard
You are able to virtually place peripherals like thumbsticks from gaming consoles directly on the PC with this application, which allows you to control gameplay quite similarly. In addition, the first version does not take up a lot of hard drive space on your computer, and it comes with drivers for popular gaming consoles right after the initial installation.
This program has all the parts I require for my older controllers to work, which I haven't had drivers for in long. I mean, it recognizes almost every single one of the things I've plugged in so far. Many of these don't even seem to be being recognized. My emulation build I conducted in my living room did not need an external monitor as it did not need one.
Your only problem is that all you have is an old, classic game.gen controllers? Check out PPJoy! user can create controllers of a range of existing game consoles as well as controllers compatible with newer game consoles, such as the N64 and PSX. For those looking for a program that allows them to play their favorite emulated or upgraded games, PPJoy will provide them with the solution.
Gamers like myself who use both old console and Atari emulation have been using this program for more than 30 years. This way I can use them in newer consoles that look similar with my old school controls. if you're a gamer, then I'd highly recommend getting PPJoy as soon as possible. This will greatly simplify your life.
Drivers from Sony, PlayStation, Xbox, and others are included in PPJoy for Windows. You can install it for free if you do not intend to use it commercially. The PPJoy remote controller connects to gaming consoles through their ports. The controls allow for virtually unrestricted use of consoles' buttons. Despite being a very easy-to-use driver, Windows 10 is not supported as this driver is not on the Microsoft white list of drivers. Drivers that support older versions of Windows like XP and 2000,Windows 7 are also available.
is software for emulating a console and comes with some exciting features, such as firing up a game. Windows OS can use this software. You can control the buttons of your Gamepad and Joystick using the software. There are several different types of drivers included in this software. The next thing to worry about is the final step.. You can download it for personal use for free.
It's still possible to use old, outdated console joysticks if you have one near the machine you don't want. The PPJoy has likely eliminated that problem and you can now control the device with your fingers. Old gamepads can even be used with PPJoy. Please see PPJoy's website for gamepad compatibility options to ensure that you receive all PS3 and NES games you require. PPJoy enables me to set the buttons on my joystick however I choose. I truly enjoy setting my preferred buttons on it.
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