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PostgreSQL is a free database management system that has been in existence for more than 15 years and in its long period of "life" has managed to gain great popularity among users. SQL92 and SQL99 are among the data types that can be worked with. PostgreSQL also supports large databases that store "heavy" media files. A complete set of Perl, C++, Ruby, and Python languages is available for download.Many versions of NET, Java, and many others are available. documentation for working with this system is available in the "delivery" package. Besides its numerous features, one can also choose to add additional modules, adding to its capabilities. Additionally, the system can be acquired completely without any cost whatsoever.

- Strong database databases no matter how big the database is;

- The device is scalable, flexible and offers an elasticity.

- Interfaces for a number of programs;

- has a reliable replication mechanism; ;

- The material is provided in an entirely free manner.

PostgreSQL 9.4.1 (56.21 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.4.2 (55.93 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.4.3 (55.93 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.4.4 (55.92 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.4.5 (55.99 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.5.0 (58.6 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.5.1 (58.59 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.5.2 (58.62 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.5.3 (58.64 MB)
PostgreSQL 9.5.4 (58.67 MB)
The purpose of the machine learning was just for me to get some ideas down, but I didn't want to code the results for myself. An ability like this, however, is too complex for me. After downloading PostgreSQL from a website, I assumed at first that I had gotten it right. The first few hours I was messing around with it were fairly challenging, but after that, I got most of the hang of it.
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