by Postbox Inc

An email and news program on the computer desktop for both macOS and Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Postbox Inc

Release: Postbox 6.1.18

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The user's desktop automatically hosts this program in order to receive email. This program organizes emails by using Work eFiler and works on any email account whether it is personal or work related.Using a speed search engine allows a user to find information more efficiently and with more advanced search fields, which saves a user time. This website offers users the ability to search for images and files within the program as well as access the customized email interface. The email interface can also be tailor-made in ways that suit users' preferences.

The features that make it possible to compose emails outweigh many other benefits. By saving common responses, this program makes it easy for people to reuse them in the future. As well as providing a warning mechanism to ensure that the user is using the correct email address, it also offers real-time notifications. With this feature, accounts are simply assigned and users can operate with ease. Additionally, our service offers an easy way for users to protect themselves, as well as prevent passwords and any other data from becoming available to third parties.

In addition to its ability to run both macOS and Windows, it is very easy to use. Remote workers benefit the most from this particular feature. You can make them more efficient and organized.

An email management tool that helps manage multiple email accounts as well as ensures you search quickly and efficiently.

  • Groups email accounts in an organized manner
  • Provides lightning-fast search results
  • Allows users to search files and images
  • Scans email responses to detect errors or issues
  • Allows quick actions for emails to sort through them efficiently and organized
Postbox 1.0b16 (7.85 MB)
Postbox 5.0.11 (22.28 MB)
Postbox 5.0.12 (22.29 MB)
Postbox 5.0.14 (22.3 MB)
Postbox 5.0.17 (22.31 MB)
Postbox 5.0.18 (22.31 MB)
Postbox 5.0.19 (22.31 MB)
Postbox 5.0.21 (22.3 MB)
Postbox 5.0.23 (22.3 MB)
Postbox 5.0.24 (22.3 MB)
Postbox 5.0.25 (22.31 MB)
Postbox 6.1.18 (44.79 MB)
has the advantage of being secure, easy to use, and quick. All our mailboxes can be synced up to this point. An integral part of this program is how large inboxes can be supported and managed. Online communities are also a viable option. Websites can be accessed through it. The user interface is incredibly graphic. In terms of speed and efficiency, it's excellent.
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