by Rare Ideas LLC

Allows users the benefit of making programs more portable in space

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rare Ideas LLC

Release: PortableApps 16.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PortableApps is a software application that is a great product for users who would like to make software portable. use this program to make software usable not only on the go, but also on the road and at home, and would like the software to be portable so that they can save space.

The software program works in conjunction with multiple cloud devices, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Aside from the external drives, storage devices such as USB flash drives, memory cards, and portable hard drives can all be incorporated into it. The app connects directly to a local drive, and the files can be accessed from there as well.

Having access and open to its entire directory is a great benefit.You can download it from the Internet and look it up in terms of its features. In my opinion, the device is ideal not only for advanced mobile users and users with a simple interface who would like to make apps or software portable, but also for beginners who might not want to spend hours per day on the phone to learn about all its settings and features. The configuration settings can be configured in advance so that they are not needed again in the future.

Furthermore, users can keep track of their apps in a single cloud where you can customize them as you see fit and create property as necessary. Also, it keeps track of objects as a cloud folder would and centralizes all your portable projects. There are very few products of its kind with all of the features and capability this product offers. Anyone can download and install it, so if you want to use it as a supplemental tool to place lots of software or applications on your hard drive, do so. It is compatible with all Windows devices so you will not have any difficulty. Using this program will allow you to manage quite a few different tasks, and free access gives it an even better feel.

Keeps programs and applications accessible and minimized, with easy cloud access

  • Make software portable
  • Works with local drive
  • Attaches to external USB drives and others
  • Tracks objects
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
Getting all the tools I need for organizing my portable apps is essential. Having a malfunctioning application has caused me problems. The PortableApp for Windows program was installed on my system after I downloaded it. It's so great. The software is very useful for my company. syncs to the cloud as well as allows splitting my portable apps. The thing I need right now is just what I need.
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