Portable Python

by Perica Zivkovic

Open source portable distribution for winodw.s

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Perica Zivkovic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Portable Python is a Python programming language that can be run directly from a portable device, such as a USB flash drive, allowing you to use the program anywhere at any time.

One of the most powerful dynamic programming languages, which has proven itself in a variety of applications and is used in many companies and institutions around the world (YouTube, Google, NASA, FIRAXIS Games, etc.).

Various tasks are performed using Python. At a large number of colleges and high schools alike, this is a programming language taught to students interested in Python, because it is an easy-to-learn language, as well as being used by professionals for developing software.

Web applications are included in the Python Django portable build for building sites.

Python for Windows is the best program I have used since Portable Python makes accessing it very simple. Python and Cython support and Numba are also present, along with multiple file extensions. Additionally, those with higher levels of sophistication can take advantage of a variety of connector options, such as the RBY2 port on their devices. The fact that it can be run straight off the shelf is appealing to me.
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