Portable HD Tune

by EFD Software

Its allow to viwe the information to your hard ware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EFD Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Portable HD Tune (EFD Software) is a portable utility for testing hard drive performance. Disk health monitoring and operating speed, CPU load can be found on the active window of the program. With the Info tab, you can choose the option to determine each partition's hard drive capacity and type. Read Look-With this guide, you'll find: caching, access to Host protected areas, security mode, power management, and others. As well as looking at the health status of your hard drive, you can also download a copy of its specs (so that you can run it on your computer).The SMART can also be used to scan the computer system for errors. There is a chart for viewing all results. As a screenshot of the results, the results can be edited.PNG file.

The program uses a small amount of system resources, but does not contain reference information about the features of the work. Therefore, for inexperienced users, the Portable HD Tune interface can create some difficulties.

- Providing up-to-Information about the physical drive such as the status and speed; Date information on the status and speed of the hard drive;

- Having an automatic graph-rimming to remove clear graphs automatically by showing results from test tests ;

- Scanning error tracking;

- We provide access to the program for no charge.

In addition to measuring the speed of the hard drive itself, it will also measure the overall speed of the hard drive. Moreover, it will measure how warm the drive is and show the driving characteristics. Additionally, your tool can be used to run diagnostics on the drive to find any errors in it. Users will find it to be easy to navigate.
Using the external hard disk utility you can monitor your internal HD performance instead of using the traditional Windows Drive utility.
For anyone searching for a tool that will allow them to learn what information is stored on their hard drive, Portable HD Tune is the right choice. In addition to monitoring your drives, transferring rates, and usage of CPU, this program enables you to determine how your computer is performing overall.
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