Port Locker

by EgisTec Inc

The application lets users block access to specific ports and monitors attempts to access blocked ports

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EgisTec Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Port Locker is a program designed to protect your data from being copied by unauthorized persons and to restrict access to the network. It allows you to close network and USB ports in one click and makes them unavailable until the user clicks on the program icon in the notification panel and enters the security password that was selected when Port Locker was installed (you can specify a hint for it). However, the program is installed quite easily.

If you use the application, you will lock both the printers and the USB printers (not just the USB printers connected to them). Generally speaking, most tools tend to be relatively universal and easy to use with a graphical interface. It is not possible to block individual ports within the system, so this is its main drawback. To put it differently, the program fully justified its price after a period of time.

- It is forbidden to copy data between a computer and a USB drive;

- The ports on a network are locked down; access cannot be made to them by the user.

- A blocking program allows you to prevent printers from being produced;

- It has a nice interface.

Software used for securing computer and laptop connections for unwanted leakage of user data. A password vault provides additional security when creating port locker software.
WINDOWS PORT LOCKERS SECURE IT. They're lightweight & USEFULL, which means they're more effective than hack proofs; this is easier than installing new locks, this ensures our protected computer keeps being protected against malware through powerful features, as its easily setup for easy
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There is no limitation as to where the password can be recovered; it is also quick, flexible, and remote.
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Anti-In the U.S., porn involves filtering objectionable or inappropriate content such as adult websites and blocking them from viewing.
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prevent people hacking into windows with the hack guard.
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Control server applications with access control software running for Windows servers.