by Claudio Lanconelli

Supports programming needed for windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Claudio Lanconelli

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PonyProg is a programmer (or, more precisely, its software part) that is able to perform operations of writing and reading data from ROMs and microcontroller programs. As needed, it can be used with virtually all devices except the physical device maker, which continues to be popular due to its low cost and ease of use. As well as allowing you to connect, it works with the CAN and is available via a COM port.This 006 is an EasyI2C, EasyVIVO and Ludipipo device with serial access with support for permanent memory devices.

The principle of PonyProg operation is based on changing byte values in the firmware code and programming FUSE bits. People in the USA and elsewhere hack car stereos and old mobile phones with it. In this respect, the programming scope of the programmers application is not all that limited. It's especially popular with printer owners that use ink cartridge printers. There is no question that because new cartridges usually cost twice what the paper bill for "people," the ink is usually filled anyway, thereby saving many pounds as well. The printer manufactures add security to their devices, so an ink cartridge containing nothing but ink will not be able to be used. This data is stored in the firmware of the cartridge so that it can be determined if the cartridge should be reused. By using PonyProg, you can make changes to the firmware of this type of machine, thereby enabling the printer to assume a completely new cartridge is in use. Simple to follow and takes a few seconds to complete.

- "Premise" programs; operating under the control of a "physical" programmer.

- The interface is outdated and very clear in both English and Russian.

- IDM and PnP with EasyI2C support, as well as HDMI, DT, and a VPN connection.006 AVR interfaces;

- Direct access to permanent storage devices using sequential access;

- In most models of car stereos, old mobile phones and ink cartridges we can break into them;

- By connecting COM ports you can access a computer from anywhere.

Using ponyprog, a variety of devices with input and output are emulationd. As a result of its ability to manipulate firmware code, it is suitable for numerous types of appliances. This is certainly an activity for technical people.
Windows will be a better program as PonyProg has many interfaces and is priced reasonably. In terms of design, it's simple and easy for you to use. someone who's not familiar with IT, since it uses multiple EEPROMs, and it might feel somewhat confusing if they are new to this.
Using this application will run your programming project smoothly and save your time as you have everything you need to build successful programs. Its minimalistic design will allow any programming project to run smoothly. Its handy programs toolbox makes it really easy to hide programs within the program itself. I love how it's perfect for holding all of the software in one location. Along with the starter kits for the USB microcontroller family, it has an embedded graphics technology application. The other great thing about it is the simplicity and ease of use.
A programmer with easy to use GUI for PCs, PonyProg combines some simple interface that makes programming simpler.
Software called PonyProg for Windows is used to program devices that runs sophisticated. In addition to the GUI that makes this program easy to use, it has serial device programming capabilities. The software reads and writes serial devices by using its function. Embedded device controllers and microcomputers are among the serial devices that PonyProg serves. The quality is high, the speed is fast, and the speed is good. The best part is that there is no charge.
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