by Polarity

A tool that help humans analyze data using augmented reality

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Polarity

Release: Polarity 9.3.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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As I work at a bank, I typically hold meetings over the internet, and using this software had a huge impact on how I organize my team's information. We handle large volumes of information, and it's's easy to get lost. Polarity helps us out with these issues by improving our decision-making skills and showing the information that is more relevant to the different tasks at hand.

The interface is modern and quite easy to use. In my opinion, it's great, and so is my team. Polarity has become the leading software at our company we use it for just about every internal meeting. It is simple to identify various parts of a text by simply focusing one keystroke and comparing notes. When you are compared, each text is completely different.

Having a device that alters the way your screen looks and provides real-time information about important topics is very exciting.With plenty of contextual information onscreen, it can provide us with plenty of information for each task. Having too much too frequently on screen is really a bad thing since there are so many files, books, and texts you utilize, but not in the right context. Despite being somewhat confident the augmented reality feature in this product would be difficult to use, it turned out to be quite user-friendly.

By combining collective data with the shared file sharing feature, you are able to effectively communicate your work and get the data from memory into your team, while allowing the team to access and edit the data they view as necessary to their work.

This tool is necessary for a person who works with a team: It will free you up some time and help you to handle data in a more efficient way, as well. A 4 rating would describe this software.I gave it five stars.

Saves time and effort analyzing data

  • Analyses large volumes of data
  • Add info to a collective memory
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Overlays data and allows multiple access
  • Smart information sharing feature
  • Augmented Reality
  • Multiple user information sharing.
Polarity 8.1.7 (39.92 MB)
Polarity 8.1.8 (39.92 MB)
Polarity 8.2.8 (39.93 MB)
Polarity 8.3.5 (39.94 MB)
Polarity 8.3.8 (39.94 MB)
Polarity 8.4.3 (39.93 MB)
Polarity 8.4.4 (39.93 MB)
Polarity 9.3.5 (1.15 MB)
Polarity 9.3.6 (1.15 MB)
Polarity 9.3.7 (1.15 MB)
Polarity 9.3.8 (1.15 MB)
Because this web browser gives me all the functionality that I'd be getting in a standard browser, along with being more stable and secure, and running faster, I do love to use Polarity for Windows. I love that my laptop keeps running even after I turn it off with the browser. Additionally, the built-in ad blocker is very nice.
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