Polaris Office 2017


You can now access documents on your PC quickly using Polaris Office Sync.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: POLARIS OFFICE Corp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There is a Polaris Office office suite that enables you to edit, copy, and synchronise documents between several different devices with ease. Biblioteca program supports text documents, Microsoft Office tables, and standard PDF files. Polaris Office is also available for iOS and Android as an alternative to the PC version. With just a log-in, you can switch from one device to another quickly. Those who create documents/enter files on the computer and use their device can continue editing these documents from the portable device without losing it. Just wait for it to finish, so that the device can be synchronized automatically. Cloud storage is used to Synchronize by Polaris Drive. As an added bonus, since the cloud provides multiple gigabytes of free storage for files for free even when users opt for a free subscription.

As this program type is completely standard, Polaris Office's interface is very user-friendly. While no information can be presented beyond the interesting features, another interesting feature of this application is the flexible document management tool. There's a handy window that automatically opens on starting the program so that you can open documents you have previously worked on. In the cloud, you can also sort and merge files, move them to folders, back to the cloud. Earlier, we stated that a subscription is required to be part of the program. There are limitations to the second one, however, so it won't be quite enough to fulfill the need of customers who are undemanding.

- allows document creation and editing of Microsoft Office formats lle- edit documents in Microsoft Office formats;

- supports regular PDFs;

- A PC document sync can be carried from PC to portable devices;

- Provides you with storage space for several gigabytes for personal documents stored through Polaris Drive's cloud storage services.

- Various subscription options are available, some free of charge.

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