A windows application that allows users to highlight their mouse movements

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ETUS

Release: PointerFocus 2.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PointerFocus helps users create a better and more understandable presentation experience by highlighting mouse movements and keystrokes in order to focus audience attention, add detail or highlight key points. An on-ready interface is also available through this software.Improved presentation capabilities through screen annotations - create clearer, more memorable presentations. The must-have device for a user or viewer -friendly presentation experience. No more hard to see mice!

Features Include:

  • Cursor highlight
  • Mouse spotlight
  • Keystroke visualization
  • Magnifier
  • On-screen annotation.

PointerFocus is an essential utility for presenters, lecturers, teachers, demo-The field of presenting to an audience or demonstrating an enhanced product using clear skills is for makers, trainers, or anyone who works in it.

A helpful tool to accentuate a presentation and focus attention to a specific point

PointerFocus is available for download for free at PointerFocus.The game is available for Windows and Android on Google Play. Simply download PointFocus onto your computer, install it directly to your Android device, and use it to see and do. Remote server PointerFocus can be found on your computer. In addition to providing so much functionality, this software should be included in the basic package of presentation tools because it is so intuitive.

users to contact you if they need a user ll for Windows users in need of user-Using PointerFocus would benefit your presentation, whether you are talking about simple presentation software, projects with clarity and interactivity, or simple, yet effective, presentation software. In addition to being incredibly simple to download and use, the software is absolutely free.

magnifier that will enable users to view content more easily; and a built-in speaker.A screen annotate for showing slides and highlighting some aspects of them. The magnification will not always be determined by the mouse, and it can be customized in intensity and position. In the keystroke visualization settings, viewers can better understand user actions and adjust font and view size- The setting helps them better understand their gestures.time length.

If the tablet or phone running Android are connected to a wireless network, the program can be remotely controlled and PointerFocus tasks performed remotely and control functions on the PC.

Note: To use this software, Windows 10/8 must be installed.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Angela Rogers
The pointer I lost over time and cannot locate, was of utmost importance when I had people watching my screen. To bring it back, I needed a way of bringing it life. I found that it was easy to use and extremely effective. This is a no-brainer.
Using pointer focus by mouse movements, users can highlight with Windows software. The mouse pointer can be used to highlight text or anything you want if you are presenting or training anyone, trainers, or teachers. Additionally, a set has a drawing screen and magnifiers as part of the package.
My use of it is great. Even if I am presenting to a group at a company, I can feel less accomplished because of it.
A user should utilize PointerFocus solely to highlight their mouse pointer. For example, professors can benefit from this. They will gain access to material that they can direct, which is easier.
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