by Vaclav Slavik

Poedit is a powerful and intuitive editor for translating interfaces that use gettext. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vaclav Slavik

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Poedit is a very useful program for those who translate text and localize web resources. The application has a similar appearance to a text editor. Its sources and translation panels serve as dialogboxes. For working here, the tools and tips are directed mainly to the sides and tops of the screen, so your screen is very small and there is just enough space for translation. In general, Poedit's graphical shell is extremely simple and convenient.

The first thing to note about this solution is that it adapts specifically to multilingual content. There is support for exporting ertore exports to ready-The user can open work modules, complete integration with the Wordpress engine, as well as import all text files required for translation from works modules into work modules. Additionally, HTML is the major format used in the program, along with EPS and TROIX.In short, po documents (this editor, thanks to it, got its name).

Additionally, Poedit has many useful features that help you translate or store translations, add notes in different languages, import and export data fast, arrange a panel easily, prepare bookmarks in the system, and create assist, translation, and transfer all of Poedit's useful features. We have in general created a very convenient and important translations service, a totally free service that can be used by both Wordpress and gettext catalogue sites.

- As it is located directly on the source, you can easily view the translated text; for this reason, the panels are quite convenient.

- The Wordpress engine enables you to integrate files for translation.

- The HTML file format is supported for export;

- Make sure you add notes and customize the interface in this bookmark generator.

Translation can be made completely free with Poedit. With the simple, intuitive graphics and design, it's very easy for the source and translation to look and feel right on a computer. In particular, Wordpress is an effective platform for use with this software. There is the option to export the files as HTML files. This simple, free, and effective tool is easy to use and very effective.
has a powerful and intuitive interface translation program for both Windows, macOS, and Linux that translates interfaces based on gettext.
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