Plex Media Server

by Plex, Inc

This helps you organize your favorite shows, movies, and media in a single place

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Plex, Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Plex Media Server is an application that allows you to make a media server from your personal computer. When your system files are installed and you can access them via another device after making the necessary setting changes, you are in a position to access your media file. The convenience of this service, for instance, is very useful for people who have several computers at home and would like to listen to music or watch a movie on another. Now you don't need to transfer files using an external drive. When using the Plex Media Server, all available information is accessed directly.

With the program's excellent user interface, it isn't just usability that stands out. You can select a folder that is accessible by everyone within your small network for each kind of media content. Web configuration is all that is needed for all necessary configurations.interface. The plug can also be customized so you can put a special plug in.Through Internet capabilities you can connect to a computer over the entire world from anywhere. Cross-reference should be obtained from the application.platform - Operating systems other than Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android are supported.

- It is available on several different platforms; );

- The content of your computer can also be accessed on the Internet, e.g.

- This system allows you to view recordings from SMART TVs on your hard drive.

- The user interface of the application is attractive.

Windows users will enjoy Plex Media Server to manage and organize their media files. Keeping your files neatly organized with this program is easy. The file sorter is so intuitive that you can pick various categories and then locate files at a later time when you select their category.
There's no better server as far as media plays go. Don't believe me? See if you can make use of Plex with a pass. Get exclusive previews of the movie. You can watch 200 live channels as well. All for free. Not convinced yet? Take 5,100 movies and tv shows to determine how many there are. It is free also to use all of that. Crazy, I know. I have all my devices connected to this system. Explicitly compatible, it is as easy to operate as anything else. All devices can be used for playing, pausing, and controlling media. Discover thousands of video games for free!
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