PlayOn Desktop

by MediaMall Technologies, Inc

Record and watch your favorite streaming sites on desktop!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MediaMall Technologies, Inc

Release: PlayOn Desktop 4.5.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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has the unique ability to serve as one of just a few desktop applications that provide the ability to automatically send streams or TV shows onto users' desktops, so using it is both easy and fast. The program can be streamed and cast to any device you want, and any other device you might need. PlayOn lets you watch your favorite shows just a click away on any device with the tap of a button! People can watch their favorite shows without requiring hassle. PlayOn works just as you want it to, so make sure you make the most of the experience! Once you do this, you can watch the video whenever you wish. We convert the show file to your specifications and enable you to watch it whenever the moment feels right. Additionally, Playon allows you to quickly convert any episodes of a given show to DVD and to watch over time!! Using so little software and this small program does wonders for you. For recording whenever you would like, you would set our application to run automatically every so often, and at no cost to you. Just set a timer and our systems will take care of the rest for you. With PlayOn you will have the ability to watch your favorite television show wherever you are. If you are run out of room or on vacation, you can use all of your files on any device you may prefer, so there's no reason to be concerned.


  • Recording feature
  • Any device
  • Ad-free
  • Cast to your desktop with ease

Playon completely negates the trouble of having to use just one single streaming service, PlayOn will allow you to enjoy any service whenever or however you want, it's just the best in the business, it allows you freedom with your TV shows.

Streams can be viewed desktop mode.
Marsha Bette
I believe that this product is a good one because I have Netflix and use it every day. It seems to be more flexible. I'm still looking into how it works, but it sounds nice. I would likely try the product if it were inexpensive and I didn't see a price in the ad.
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You can record your favorite programs into this sort of software that looks like a screen recorder. As I found it curious that the entire series of shows can be converted, and that it is compatible with many devices and could easily be downloaded. It looks good.
Christopher Tarver
By utilizing this software, you can stream a wide range of material to your various devices. Video games, movies, and other materials can be streamed on the Internet. Alternatively, you are able to upload your own media, such as videos and old pictures, and store them in a central location.
Video recording software that records videos from streaming website, it saves them to the cloud so that users do not need to keep large files on their computers while on vacation so i highly recommend this app and you need not upload a photo once using it.
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