Pinnacle Game Profiler

by PowerUp Software

Simulates a Keyboard and Mouse with a Video Game Controller

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PowerUp Software

Release: Pinnacle Game Profiler 6.8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pinnacle Game Profiler ( For Windows ) is a software that simulates a Keyboard and Mouse with a Video Game Controller. In order to have us play any video game controller we specify the controller. You need this as an extra for computers and laptops with video game controllers that require it. As well, it works very well with complicated games in which controller controllers are unfamiliar. Taking advantage of the player interface will work in the game and, if needed, you can use your own game controller.


  • You can download this game from the internet for free.
  • Windows runs smoothly on a range of different machines thanks to its compatibility with every version of the operating system.
  • Compatible with all game controllers ( XBOX, Playstation, etc.)
  • Complete keyboard and mouse are simulated, allowing us to even use windows using the controller.
  • The Pinnacle Update feature will automatically update when it is added.In order to keep your device and programs running at their optimum performance level, update your software and make sure your game profiles are in sync as well.
  • Once a game is started, Pinnacle Game Profiler auto-By detecting it is auto-configured with a game's game profiles.applied.
  • Using your own command system, automating macros and keyboard hotkeys is one easy way to customize your game.
  • Having access to the user interface is easy and effective. This feature enables users to easily create user profiles by following onscreen commands.
  • As an added feature, ImageGuide can also be created for your use when you are assigning commands to the game.
  • Other software options are also available, such as the option to toggle the program off.
  • By assigning this key in the controller, we can double-click on a number of tasks.
  • trigger events, i.e.E., put it in the left or right hand press. Complete controller control.
  • In the next version, you will be able to add an alternate word to 'toggle' and 'cycling'.

There are many other features in the software, too. Due to its improved power and versatility, it allows us to virtually control every aspect of the game.

Regardless of your gaming device, you can use this software to play any game.
Ivan Sullivan
Where to begin? In the modern day, it has been an issue of not being able to connect the mouse to any keyboard or monitor used for gaming. Thanks for Pinnacle Game Profiler, I now have the ability to easily and smoothly play on my computer. In addition to completely changing the way games are played, the game became more mobile.
With the Pinnacle Game Profiler, you can select any game controller (e.g. It may be easier for most users to set up a gamepad, keyboard, and joystick (i.e., all the video game buttons and keys).
Game controllers and game consoles can be used by this software more readily. You can play PC games using your gamepad or joystick, as well as taking your laptop on. As for gaming apps, it can control 3rd arty apps. As you start to press them it controls 3 devices such as the Xbox One controller, the PlayStation 4 shield, and the Logitech, video capture. Home theater PCs can be controlled using this excellent multimedia design profile through Microsoft Windows.
Mason Strand
With Pimmacle Game Profiler for Windows, you can play multiple games from one virtual controller on your computer in exactly the same way. A free trial is available at the user's convenience so that they can test it out before making a decision.
This game profiler is perfect for people who love playing video games. The software makes it possible for your favorite video games to work perfectly with any kind of controller, any device that you prefer. It's already configured for several of your favorite games consoles, including Microsoft Gamepads. The program can be very easy to use as a result of this. Once you've opened the first of those games, click on it to install new ones.
Using the Pinnacle Game Profiler allows me to enjoy playing a variety of video games on any game controller I want. This Pinnacle Game Profiler is well equipped to handle games, and game pads that are sold worldwide, so once you connect it you should be able to start pretty easily. All you have to do is point and click to obtain new games and to enable the addition or change of software files.
This Pinnacle Game Profiler can change the way you play games. Literally! As a result, I now have the ability to see my favorite games in my taskbar and select a way to play them. My favorite gamepad is able to be used under this program, allowing me to keep track of everything I want to do with my favorite games. A super-simple installation made this a great piece of setup!
Users of Pinnacle Game Profiler for Windows will seamlessly and conveniently upgrade all keyboard-based gaming setups in Windows to work with their favorite controller without sacrificing the gameplay they like best. As a result, on a regular basis, things will be different instead of the sometimes.In places where mice and keyboards are impossible, they may be used as controllers instead of mice. It automatically detects when a game is started, and adapts accordingly to the changes it detects. Users will not have to wait long before they can keep up with new software updates because they are automatically downloaded. The games can be customized in several ways. Users will also enjoy personalized graphics. As long as the software can be set up and used, gaming enthusiasts of all ages should really enjoy it.
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