MSD Organizer Portable logo
It allows you to access all the information in your account.
LeaderTask Company logo
Management of time, staff, and other jobs is possible through a platform that is both in short supply, but also stable.
MSD Organizer Multiuser logo
Multiple users can access information inside a local network using MSD Organizer, which includes both a personal information manager as well as professional information manager.
Simply Calendars logo
The program allows Windows users to set up custom formats, which are then personalized with photos.
Task Coach Portable logo
The ultimate to-do list for getting organized.When using Task Coach, list organizer.
Microsoft Office OneNote logo
A versatile note-The One Drive Cloud platform allows you to run software on Windows devices which run Microsoft One Drive Cloud.
ToDoList logo
List the app on the Windows processors of Microsoft Windows.
Tomighty logo
On offer is a free desk top timer which is accessible for use.
Wunderlist logo
Listed apps with accessibility in Windows are: list apps for windows available.
Roof Builder logo
Windows program for calculating roofing and facades.
KruTube logo
You can quickly promote your YouTube channel with Windows software.
Tomboy logo
The first of it's kind ound-opening-source desktop note-Installing the operating system Unix and Windows.
EssentialPIM logo
Contacts, calendars, emails, and passwords into one application.
TopTracker logo
Track how much time you spend on your projects.
RunAsDate logo
Ensure that a specific date and time are mentioned in the running software.
AZZ Cardfile logo
Create an organized list of your contacts and information.
WinCalendar logo
Your schedule can be customized with this calendaring application, which can be viewed in several formats.
PersonalBrain logo
Using a mind mapping app, Windows users can figure out which words mean what to them.
Chrometa logo
It gives you an accurate and seamless way to keep track of your time.
MyLifeOrganized logo
You can easily manage your items through this organizer lists