by The Pidgin Team

A chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The Pidgin Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pidgin is an instant messaging client that supports the following protocols: Among other protocols, AIM (Oscar and TOC protocols) from Yahoo. ICQ from AOL. The AOL-Microsoft Messenger/Groombot-Yahoo chat service.This is all via Gadu, IRC, Jabber, and Zephyr networks.

Pidgin users can connect to multiple accounts in different networks simultaneously. Having this capability means you are able to communicate with your friends on AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and with the IRC Channel at the same time.

features, like a file transfer (is scheduled to arrive soon) status system, as well as warnings about MSN window closing.

Additionally, Pidgin offers a number of unique features that others will not discover. Buddy Pounces, for example, provides you with messages in addition to playing music, and informing you about messages, music being played, or any of your friend's programs that they've run. -Plugins can be added to the program. As well as text substitution and advanced warnings, we have the ability to minimize program windows using tools such as messages.

Pidgin Gaim 1.2.0 (6.32 MB)
Pidgin Gaim 1.2.1 (6.33 MB)
Pidgin Gaim 1.3.0 (6.46 MB)
Pidgin Gaim 1.3.1 (6.53 MB)
Pidgin Gaim 1.4.0 (6.57 MB)
Pidgin Gaim 1.5.0 (6.64 MB)
Pidgin 2.7.9 (9.12 MB)
Pidgin 2.10.10 (9.18 MB)
Pidgin 2.10.11 (9.22 MB)
Pidgin 2.10.12 (8.63 MB)
You can log in to multiple chat networks at once using this program. Windows and Linux operating systems as well as other UNIX versions available for operating systems
Communication can be made using Pidgin for Windows. SIP-based calls are not supported, but this app provides options for configuring SIP. Although there are other free applications that offer the same feature as Pidgin for Window, it is the light and simple interface that requires fewer resources from the desktop to manage. offers a free extension that installs quickly and easily. Furthermore, its interfaces are highly customized, and it offers additional capabilities which make it even more flexible.
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