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Easily move all of your programs and files from one computer to another

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PickMeApp.com

Release: PickMeApp

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PickMeApp makes it possible for users from all levels of technical knowledge to easily transfer the programs and files from one computer to another in a very efficient and very user-friendly way. Data can be moved with just two clicks, as you first create an executable file and then install that one on the other computer by using the light version of the software.

The full version of PickMeApp, offers over double the features of the light edition and allows users to be more specific and itemize their files.


With PickMeApp Light, it is possible to be lightweight.
  • Select as Little or As Many Apps as You Want to Transfer
  • Create One Single File That Will Install Multiple Files with A Single Click of The Mouse
  • Supports Multiple Profiles, Each Capable Having Unique Files and Program Selections Assigned to It
  • Automatic Updates Ensure You Always Have the Latest Version
  • Free Online Customer and Technical Support Utilizing Ticketing System
  • No Registration Needed for The Light Version of PickMeApp

PickMeApp makes the dreaded task of moving program files onto a new computer or laptop. There is no longer a need for spending an hour daily on re-examinations.You can now get all of the software on your new machine by just clicking here and clicking there. Previously, you had to download all of the software on your old machine and install it to the new one. There are hundreds of tutorials and articles written based on expert knowledge in order to assist you in using PickMeApp as best as you can. free and open source application whose source code is accessible to everyone free of charge.

The Windows 8/10 OS is a 32-bit (64) 32-bit application.

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You can use PickMeApp in order to move program files or to uninstall them from a computer or laptop.The amount of time one must spend re- is no longer required.When the user transfers a user's old software to the user's new machine, they won't have to do anything but download all of their favorite apps and software from that old machine.Having PickMeApp for downloading, streaming, storing, organizing files from one computer to another is incredibly simple and fast-it is accessible from all technical levels.friendly way. By clicking twice with the mouse, the light version of the software will accomplish the task in only two steps: create an executable file on the new computer first, then install it after it has been created and run.
Without PickMeApp in Windows, my inability to transfer files out of one PC to another was very hard until I found it. Since I didn't have a CD that I used to use my old computer, my outdated one could be copied to the new one. Even the original files will remain untouched, so there is no need to worry about losing any information.
Kayden Hills
You can play PickMeApp for Windows along with three other features. - A few simple ways to automatically take care of your installed software packages - by capturing, restoring, and moving them. Package Manager and Installer - How to install and manage packages. You can add a PC cleaner to this app through three membership options. With a membership fee of just $2, a lite edition is priced $12, and a pro version costs $24 which includes all versions. -
There's a lot of work you can do with this software on Windows. This version works just fine. installer is free of charge, and there is a lite version for less money as well. lets you manage packages, reinstall packages, uninstall software completely, make updates to your application, buy software from the app store, and many other features, such as running the app store, running updates, removing software and doing other tasks, etc. Manage your computer's system and ensure that updates and installation are completed correctly using this tool. Maintain your software on a regular basis and ensure its quality.
Whether it's for students, professionals, or anyone who wants to be on their own, PickMeApp for Windows makes transferring files and programs between PCs more convenient and effective by utilizing technology from all over the world.friendly way
Have you ever wished you could manage your selection of apps and software on top of it as easily as picking ripest apples?? PickMeApp for Microsoft Windows is focused solely on this function. PickMeApp will let you do your favorite tasks from one Windows application.This enables the next device to be connected. In addition, the system makes program management easy, elegant, and efficient in order to add to, remove from, manage, or otherwise utilize your programs. The PickMeApp can back up and restore programs, perform routine physical and mental tasks, and fix malfunctioning utilities.
It allows you to manage all of the Windows programs that you create with this program. It is easy to transfer to a new system with this software. Different levels of software skill are available to you according to what you need.
An insulated coffeemaker that is powered from scratch for Windows computers. FIND, DOWNLOAD, AND INTRODUCE ANY DEADLY WINDOW WITH PICKMEAPP - AS DIRECTIONS.By moving your project as a whole and documenting everything on a single PC, you can complete it more effectively. WITH PICKS, customers have the ability to make their inquiries from all disciplines of special information.
You can view pick me aApp as a user-friendly app that helps its user get the best use out of it. will likely accomplish quite a bit of anything you need him to. It certainly comes with great qualities
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