Block porn being viewed on a computer.

Operating system: Windows

Release: PicBlock 4.2.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It has been around for over 7 years, and today, it is still widely used. With this product still in excellent condition, it indicates that it is performing well. In addition to filtering sexually explicit content from websites, this product also detects other languages frequently passed through other software applications screens, such as those in Chrome. Your filters can be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the material they are to filter out. Unless explicitly indicated otherwise in the message, changes to the settings of the program can only be made by the administrator whose password is used. Apple files can also be analyzed in this program, as well as images captured by such programs. It utilizes a unique filtering method in order to prevent content from accessing its network.step process. When it first detected the content that was inappropriate, it blocked it from appearing on websites or other viewing platforms. Content that should be visible to all will not be seen in this program despite coming from a different source than where it was produced.


  • Blocks porn images and videos from being viewed on the computer
  • Recognizes external hardware that can be plugged in and inserted into computer drives
  • Recognizes many other languages that can pass through other programs filters
  • Can adjust settings to your preferences which can only be changed with a password

Parents can rest a little easier, knowing that their child is not being exposed to such images that can potentially harm a kid's judgment. As a result of refusing these sites, you are less likely to attract these temptations. It's usual for these websites to run malicious programs on the computer, making the device work for it better.

A child who cannot monitor his/her access to explicit video and images will find this to be helpful.
  • The program is completely Free
  • Runs on Windows: XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 98SE, and 8
  • Developer: SpartanCoders
spam out of existence; and it uses a language barrier to limit user access to junk mail. Moreover, the software is capable of detecting dangerous viruses and spyware using extensions and addons.
It would be nice if this program could be installed on my PC. I believe it to be an excellent move for parents who are concerned about their children seeing inappropriate content online. In addition, it prevents others from seeing the appropriate things on your screen. This would be a perfect application for me.
With its free computer censoring software, PicBlock for Windows allows you to prevent your computer from displaying pornographic images. By detecting explicit material, it can avoid it being loaded to the screen. An educational tool for parents that provides information.
Jackson Council
Teenagers can stop watching adult content with this software, which was developed by parents. By preventing computers and parents from accessing child pornography, a minor's computer could not inadvertently be used to view this content.
Security programs like this are great for people with PCs and Windows laptops. Access Control, on the other hand, is another helpful feature, as is the blocking of unwanted software from accessing the system. There are a number of countries that download this app, including India, Australia, and the United States. Manually enforcing the block of pornography on your computer is another benefit of this application. Applications like this one are very useful and accessible.
It allows my system to block pornographic images. Everything like making sure I shut off my computer and cannot leave the house when it's running. This helps keep my children safe online. Integrates with other programs to blur images and to keep the faces but blur the bits of the image. Although this is a great start, it needs work at the end of the day. Until they can find a better way to do it. It didn't work the same to restore the original system files. Setup and configure is simple and free for a new computer.
Having had PicBlock for Windows installed in my house, I appreciate its benefits. my kids at home and I don't have the time to deal with their needs 24/7. The fact that I can keep them safe can feel easier knowing I can always use software to do so. With PicBlock, I am able to handle my own work while avoiding getting caught up in all the activity that goes on online over my child's schoolwork.
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