PhotoZoom Pro

by BenVista Ltd

Its very good for windows. interesting demo

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BenVista Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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As it is known, raster images lose their quality as a result of changing their size. The PhotoZoom Pro software allows you to minimize the loss of quality when resizing an image. In PhotoZoom, there is no algorithm from standard. S-Spline Max - for cutting images. allows you to adjust the size of a picture while keeping the edges, sharpness, and details clean and minimal without being intrusive. This technology was developed by BenVista Ltd (the creator of this program).

These tools and additional tools, however, allow us to get the best answer despite digital noise and JPEG compression.Loss of quality artefacts (are not generated during compression). The use of PhotoZoom will still bring out small details even when circumstances become quite difficult.

PhotoZoom Pro 6 is very easy to use and has a large number of presets - You can freely customize your presets based on preferences, and you can save your own setting as well - You can adjust the presets automatically through editing, and you can modify them freely. A collection of favorite resizing profiles. It will help you optimize your workflow if you work intensive with the program.

developers announced that the program can handle both large and small images. Images with resolutions larger than one million pixels on either side are possible. Working in batch mode is fast. A optimization process resulted in working in 32-bit kernel.A few processors provide bit systems for the user.

It's possible to use PhotoZoom Pro as a standalone app and to use PhotoZoom Pro as a plugin for other popular photo editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Corel PHOTO.With Corel PaintShop Pro and PaintShop, you can paint and brush efficiently.

- a unique S-Spline interpolation algorithm;

- Ensure that the image quality is maintained at all times while reducing and expanding the size.

- In addition to a large number of presets, different types of images are included.

- Flexibility: There is a wealth of fine tuning options to choose from;

- JPEG artifacts and noise can be cleaned up with this tool; and JPEG artifacts and noise can be removed with this tool;

- Many files can be batch-processed with Batch processing is also very important in order to create large batches of data.

- It is possible to support multiple processor, GPU and memory capacities;

- The ability to crop the image;

- Plugins are both good options for standalone applications; and, standalone applications are also possible.

- Pre- and post-quality assessment via separate instruments.

As opposed to pixel interpolation, PhotoZoom Pro increases resolution without compromising the quality of any image.
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