Softwear that can be used for fun and easy photo editing.

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Publisher: MOOII TECH

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PhotoScape is a graphical editor with a wide range of features. Basically, these programs make use of a common image viewing feature, an extremely powerful editor, an automatic batch editing feature, an easy-to-use GIF creation system, and a utility for printing of all kinds of images in an easy-to-understand way. Here's a brief overview of how this crucial tool can be utilized.

A simple installation is available for the program. Our installer does not attempt to change the browser's home page, nor does it try to embedded any toolbars during the installation. The top menu from the program is displayed on the first tab of the Russified tabbed interface. An interactive icon circle can also be viewed on screenshots. I have to say, the interface is pretty nice.

The Viewer tab contains image viewing functions. The files that you store on your computer should be in the tree's user folder. If you drag and drop image files, you can do this however. All of our pictures are in front of us right now, and thus need to be transferred to our digital storage.The full screen will open when you click, while the "Left" menu buttons will open the options on the laptop. "Right" just to flip through the rest.

On the "Editor" tab at the bottom of the open image you will see a pretty good set of tools for correcting and modifying the image. As in other programs, you can overlay frames with over 200 and control brightness, contrast and sharpness automatically. A more extensive list can be found in the Effects of Probability document. Objects may also be highlighted with the addition of a special small icon. With PhotoScape you can also get rid of the red eyes in the photo.

Wide variations of the photo sets can be edited automatically under the "Batch Editor" tab. On the "Page" and "Combination" tabs, you can do various mixes from the photo to suit your needs. Also a very interesting option in PhotoScape. "Gif-In animation, images change dynamically while they are animated. You can add your own images to each slide here. Press here can set up as many photos as they wish, and at a very moment. There is no restriction on how many things can be bought. Even more useful tools can be found in the main menu - which you can see listed above. Splitting of images into sections, screen capture software, automatic renaming of files, etc.

The software is quite nifty. It is especially helpful for batch editing. You don't have to be seasoned before moving to more traditional work. Even though I lack a clear mind, I am learning.quality gifs! The program was very well done and I highly recommend it.
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