by Eltima Software

Easy-to-Labels / markings can be created with photo labeling software.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eltima Software

Release: PhotoBulk 1.0.257

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I checked for a listing for PhotoBulk on CNET before downloading it because I trust CNET. My suspicion is that three homes were listed there and that Toby's Guide is reputable as well. Both MAC and Windows were supported on the software. There was no compromise for me. Upon downloading and installing the application, it was easy to use. Because it was easily customizable, there were icons reminiscent of those I'd found in other software. Right away, without reading any instructions, I was able to utilize the software to add a watermark to a photo on my hard drive. You could choose the file to watermark by dragging it into a designated area on the graphical user interface or importing the data from the menu and then picking the folder where the result would be saved. As I have highlighted, and left out all the lines, this was a useful feature for watermarks. In my opinion, watermarking software can never be understood.

Whenever you watermark a file, it will have a name that makes the image appear longer or shorter, such as the way the photo ended with "_wm," and is added to other saved images. As well as the preset option, you can choose from multiple settings, including a blue, underlined watermark opacity, which has a 50% opacity limit. The pages where help could be accessed were opened with further information concerning watermarks for files like ted information like what file formats could be watermarked; Image format options that included JPG, tiff, png, Gif, and MPF. The "optimize" button does not make sense for me at first, but after going online the web site explained it had to do with compression if the file was to be removed. Web applications sometimes run on smaller files, which is nice.

In addition, dragging the watermark across the screen will also help you to move it evenly on the surface of the photos. There is an open preview window where you can see the watermark effect, which is valuable so you are not blinded by an entire day. In some photos, the watermark may be less evident in places, such as around specific colors or by increasing opacity. Your preview would, essentially, be updated after you moved the watermark.

Using a watermark, you can make a copy of the photo, while leaving the original untouched.

  • slide rule to select the appropriate opacity
  • the ability to save settings
  • the chance to preview your results
  • a help button
My experience with PhotoBulk has been good for Windows users and it is one of the best photo editing software. When I am using the user interface, I have several settings to manage, including resizing, adding watermarks, and optimizing, resizing, and adding watermarking to my photos very easily. Furthermore, PhotoBulk offers a large number of filters and effects. I would definitely recommend it for your digital editing needs. Software that is great for creating content is definitely one of my favorites.
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