Photo Stamp Remover

Remove watermarks and unwanted images from photos

Operating system: Windows

Release: Photo Stamp Remover 9.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Photo Stamp Removal tool by SoftOrbits is used for removing unwanted images from photos, it is one of a kind in that it can quickly process multiples and is user-friendly software.


  • Fully automatic
  • Allows for multiple images to be proccessed at the same time.
  • User friendly interface that allows you to begin using right away without a tutorial.
  • A natural blending feature enables the image to be preserved in its entirety thanks to its intelligent restoration technology.
  • Can also be used to restore old photos, remove artifacts and clean up imperfections on the skin and in images.
  • In the end, the image looks natural, regardless of what happens in the photo.

Photo Stamp Remover is a smart removal tool software download for Windows that enables you to fix up images, remove date stamps, watermarks and other unwanted items from photos. It can even be used to remove imperfections and tattoos from the skin. This top of the line technology quickly and efficiently allows you to process hundreds of images at the same time.

It is easy to use and fully automatic, allowing you to process multiple images at the same time.

The Photo Stamp Remover is fully automatic and uses a intelligent restoration technology to smoothly blend in a restoration to a photo leaving it looking natural and flawless, as if the unwanted image was never even there. While the result remains a natural looking collection of pixels, it takes into account the selected area where it'll leave a texture generated pixel around the selection so that you can restore a lost print as well.

If figuring out new technology is a problem, the Photo Stamp Remover's user friendly interface is quick and easy to use, it doesnt even need a tutorial. This smart photo stamp removal program allows you to quickly remove and remove all types of fingerprints with the device.

A few clicks away, it removes unwanted images from your pictures and restores them quickly and easily. Its quick and effective qualities make it the ideal tool for anyone needing to tidy up their images.

Xavier Long
The Photo Stamp Remover works with digital images taken in great volume. There's nothing more annoying than removing any artifacts from your pictures. Getting acquainted with the program doesn't require any special skills. Having it installed will allow you to use it immediately.
As part of this program, images are cleared of metadata. Further, watermarks on photographs are removed. Removing a watermark and publishing a picture as your own will expose you to legal liability, of course. If you remove watermarks from images that are not yours, then you don't want to consider doing so as a means of making money; you might be wasting all your time doing that. You can hope that you WILL get sued if you try to steal someone else's artwork or photography.
Archie Hoyt
This is an app I downloaded after I returned from my Europe trip. As anybody who has gone to Europe knows, the landmarks are always packed, so if you are dreaming of your dream picture, your background will mostly be strewn with photobombs. With Photoshop you can easily remove what you don't want even if it is a tall file.
With Photo Stamp Remover software, users can remove unwanted or "photo bombs" from their pictures with ease and simplicity. A user of Photo Stamp Remover will be able to remove the most difficult images of the photographer easily and professionally. Enter the user ID in the search bar and try to navigate to the desired page.offers a wide range of abilities that makes it very user friendly, potentially saving time for users of various skill levels who may need a quick solution for a photo shoot, or for all other purposes.
My photo has recently been edited in an application I am using. When the photo is deleted, it wants to remove watermarks. My friend suggested Photo Stamp Remover for Windows, and I tried it for the first time. I am very glad that I've found this application to be useful for removing watermarks on images. I am extremely grateful for the team who built the application.
You can use it for anything.
Removing watermarks is really easy with this tool!! The tool helped me eliminate a digital watermark from a stock photo I needed. I was delighted. Logos and dates can also be erased. 10/10 would recommend.
The Photo Stamp Remover can be used to remove date stamps and watermarks from photos, for example. This app uses an intuitive interface. In the right-hand side of the canvas, users can place their tools to remove elements. Various selection tools consist of two tools; the clone stamp tool and the magic wand tool. Once an object has been selected for removal, manual or automatic processing can be performed for images. Casual camera owners looking for an easy interface and a few options for improving their photos should check out the app.
Finally, an application that makes it as simple as possible to use while performing a certain task. Recently, I tried several other apps that claim to remove something from a picture, but either failed or were not easily understood. It is highly recommended that you use this application.
By using Photo Stamp Remover you can rid your camera of any watermarks, logos, or dates that might make it look like a smudge. A photo's mark can be removed by this program without any manual intervention or without the photo being auto-printed. so this new version looks as if its been duplicated vel same color and texture so it looks just like the original copy!
The program is very simple to use, quick to install, and extremely friendly to use. Definitely recommend this one to people. Discount codes can be found on the Internet.My photography is going for a steal $50 today, eBay recently introduced new watermark rules for photos so I have to remove any rds on photos so I have had to erase watermarks from probably 35-My photos of 40k can go down as the longest time-saving photograph I have ever taken. The pictures were still in such a condition that it lasted for several hours before I finally got around to fixing them, though it took significantly longer than 5,000 hours.
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