Photo Snap

by Accessory Software

By simply clicking and dragging, you can replace your photo background or erase unwanted pictures.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Accessory Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Photo Snap is a tool for viewing and editing multimedia files. By using this program, you can search, edit, and organize photos, as well as play music and video.

Photo Snap supports basic photo and picture editing operations, including color, contrast, brightness, etc. In addition, you can add 3D figures to your images and send them by e-mail. There are many powerful effects in Photo Snap that create beautiful slideshows. It enables conversion of images and videos as well. You can also trim video and audio files with Photo Snap.

- Multimedia files can be viewed and edited, printed, grouped, sent over a network, and received and sent over a networked computer to any folder on the user's PC.

- Organizing images into albums; ving images into photo albums;

- There are many ways to perform the following tasks: search and play video and music, choose files, examine images, view HTML pages, etc.

- An image can be turned into a thumbnail by changing its size and resolution;

- By using these options, you can: Edit photos and drawings. The following practices may be employed tivity, resizing, brightness, contrast, etc;

- 3D text and shapes are added to images; ld and shapes to the image;

- The section should be cut out first and inserted; the entire picture removed.

- E-mail your generated images and 3D forms. Include your contact information.mail;

- the conversion of files to ds; conversion of image formats;

- Your images should have a copy of your folders included.

- WAV, MID, RMI, AVI, MPG, SMP, MOV, WMV, WMA, and MP3 formats can be opened and edited; these formats also help you edit music.

- The video frame is saved as images;..

- Creating separate audio and video files for each section of a video is crucial.

- With this video conversion you are going to convert AVI, MPG, and WMV files.

- On each page the pages are printed with a title for each image. It is possible to select several fonts that you would use for headings,

- Images and drawings can be viewed over the network;

- creating desktop shots;

- Images can be moved between transitions in a beautiful slideshow, all with hundreds of effects. A choice of MP3, MID, RMI, and WAV as background music can be made.

- When moving an image or renaming it, a group is used to process it.

- The document is automatically copied & converted into mpers, or convert a group of files;

- The process of creating ZIP files, and unpacking them.

- A process that cancels images multiple times; editing; Duplicate cancellations while editing photos;

- With zoom, you see a full circle; with zoom, you can circle; you see two dots to the left; with zoom, you see the same dots to the right; with zoom, it moves in and out;

- You can explore the picture by listening to music while doing so.

Supported multimedia formats:


- Lead Compressed (CMP);

- Uncompressed TIFF, TIF;

- Bitmap to BMP;

- The Icons, Cursors, and Pointer (ICO,CUR);

- PCX Formats (PCX,DCX);

- Kodak Formats (PCD,FPX);

- Exif Formats (TIFF,JPG);

- Windows Metafile (WMF,EMF);

- Fax (raw) formats (excluding FAX)...

- XPicMap (XPM);

- The format (Iff) is changed between files in two separate files.

- An alternative version of Portable Bitmap Utilities (PBM);

- Dr.Halo (CUT);

- Photoshop 3.0 (PSD);

- Graphics program that runs on a portable network (PNG);;

- Truevision TARGA (TGA);

- Encapsulated PostScript (EPS);

- Sun Raster (RAS);

- WordPerfect (WPG);

- The Macintosh Compute File (PCT); PC ; mpa format (PCT);

- It was developed by the Microsoft Windows Clipboard software in 1985.

- The X Window Dump (XWD); Window Dump (XWD); X Window Dump (XWD);

- Flic Animation (FLC);

- The animated cursor in Microsoft Animation (ANI);

- There is Silicon Graphics Image (SGI)...

- Fax Format (AWD);

- XBitMap (XBM);

- Miscellaneous 1-MSP = Bit (Mac, IMG = GPU, IMG = SSD och (MAC, IMG, MSP);

- WAV (wav-Audio files); ).

- Multimedia MIDI (MID,RMI);

- Multimedia: MP3. WAV; AudioVideo. MPG, MOV, MPG);

- Music Files (MP3,WMA);

- Text Files (TXT,LST,BAT,SYS,RTF,HTML,etc.).

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