by Heiko Sommerfeldt

A free application for Windows to enable voice connections through your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Heiko Sommerfeldt

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PhonerLite is an application that makes it easy to make calls to friends and acquaintances. VoIP technology enables excellent connection even if the connection isn't strong or unstable, since VoIP ensures high quality of voice communication.

The interface of PhonerLite is simple and simple, which allows you to make calls even to inexperienced users. The phonebook includes an unlimited number of contacts you can store. To make sure you receive service from your ISP when using SIP, you must ensure that the protocol is supported by it. The PhonerLite application runs both different protocol configurations as well as one separately. Additionally, it is possible to fine tune the card's interaction with the microphone using a number of settings. Even though the utility has some decent features, it is totally free for everyone to use.

- Interaction with sound cards; ability to fine-tune them.

- multiple SIP configurations;

- It provides automatic voice mail; it also has a phone book included.

- We use low system resources and have fast internet connections; we provide excellent service.

- simple and user-friendly interface.

Using PhonerLite you can make calls to a wide variety of friends, if your Internet connection fails or does not have stable signal, which greatly enhances the quality of communication.
has an interesting and easy to use piece of software that allows phone calls to be made directly on the computer at no cost. is something that allows users to store uncapped phone numbers on the app that are limited by the number of people and phone numbers they have.
You can use Phonelite for your PC even if you don't know how to utilize a computer. As an efficient VOIP app, Phonelite works with multiple phones - no one is forced to use the phone on his or her desk. In spite of call quality or internet quality not being too good, the application does not stutter or lag.
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