PGP Desktop

by PGP Corp.

PGP Desktop for Windows is a GUI enabled encryption software suite

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PGP Corp.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PGP Desktop is one of the most powerful programs for data protection and encryption. Business correspondence, emails, text messages, hard drive content, and whole databases are all encrypted by the software.

As a result of the asymmetric encryption, a public key and a private key first have to be created, a key pair that can serve encrypted and verified actions. These basic settings include settings for encryption and hashing algorithms as well as a user passphrase that will act as a central key to the container. At the time of your first launch, you will be asked to complete all of the above.

Once installed, PGP Desktop integrates with Explorer and adds new menu items to the Windows context menu. You can encrypt data or directories quickly with them. In addition to the selected items, an extension container is used to store them. PGP. As a guide, activate container compression in the program settings so that it removes storage space and provides improved ionary setting in the program settings, in this case they will take up less space and get an additional level of protection against cryptanalysis. All container actions are logged, from which the user can get information about who created or opened the encrypted archives at any time.

Among other things, the program can create virtual encrypted disks that can be connected and operated in the same way as regular disks, as well as encrypt partitions and wipe free space, making it impossible to recover deleted data. Once installed, there will also be PGP Shredder dumpsters available on a desktop when it is able to permanently delete files: In that file, we will delete all of the files on it and discard all the files within it.

Although PGP Desktop offers quite a range of features, it is easy and seamless to use, there are wizards helping you run basic tasks and there is a built-in Help desk to answer questions.

- Using asymmetric algorithms to secure data;

- A digital signature with different hashing methods and a verification system.

- Key management tools that are accessible to anyone);

- Files and directories can be safely exchanged over the internet;

- All protected containers must be used for each operation.

- E-How to encryption e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger correspondence, and any text data, and all of the mail encryption options.

- It is possible to recover irretrievable data using certain tools.

- There is a convenient interface where all the tools can be categorized.

Whenever I feel unsafe on my computer or when I need to use the information to send or receive something over email, I use PGP Desktop. In PGP Desktop, all of the information enters or leaves is encrypted through several layers. My files and compressed files are protected and keys can be managed with this program. Additionally, I can protect folders I create on the web as well as assign individuals whom I can allow to access those folders.
The PGP Desktop for Windows program is an easy and user-friendly program. The function is to encrypt the personal information on your computer -- whether it is information contained in a document (file). I would suggest that you pass it along among friends and co-workers.workers.
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