PDFBlackbox VCL

by EldoS Corporation

This a a video watcher used for windows and its for PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EldoS Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Delphi / Kylix will now provide PDF file protection.

VCL Edition PDFBlackbox (VCL) is a complete set of components for assisting with extracting, signing, and archiving PDFs from Delphi and Kylix. symmetric, or X at the same time.509 cryptography. Software called PDFBlackbox (VCL) that locks PDF documents from leakage from Delphi programs.

PDFBlackbox supports a full range of PDF document protection, including

PDF Standard encoding and decoding of data using MD5 + RC4/40 or RC4/128 algorithms;

File encoding and decoding using RSA algorithm and PKCS#7 based on the PDF file;

ZLib compression;

Part of the features that PDFBlackbox integrates with PDF symbols are its "clean room" nature, which serves as a "bridge to" within the technical specifications of PDF symbols.

A Delphi 4-compatible version of PDFBlackbox can be accessed from the VCL version.The C++Builder 4-year edition was developed in 2002 and 2005.Both 6 and Kylix 2 are packaged as a 6 bottle and a Kylix 2 bottle.3.

- Security. High-security information applications must meet certain standards and algorithms that are used to develop them.

- Flexibility. Designed to help users create complex software solutions and provide additional security for data associated with their applications, SecureBlackbox offers many useful tools.

- Easy interface. The software "architects" responsible for developing SecureBlackbox have a combined background in coding and software design expertise.

It's used for viewing PDF books and reading them aloud. Software that supports Windows and personal computers is offered by this company. PDF files are protected with this software. The PDF files can also be encrypted and decrypted utilizing this app. You can download and try this software for free through the network. Software development as well as the operation of secret files are mostly accomplished with this program. Software is using a RSA algorithm that creates symmetric algorithms to decrypt and encrypt data. Use native components of theVCL to compress the PDF. VCL components that are clean - used in clean-spark.Documents made from PDF files are based in a room.
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