PDF to JPG converter

by IntraPDF

Software to convert PDF files to JPG format

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IntraPDF

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PDF to JPG converter is an application designed to convert PDF documents to image formats while maintaining their original formatting.

PDF to JPG converter supports several image formats: Images of JPG, HTML, and GIF format. Your file can be downloaded as one GIF file. It represents different images, which makes it often used as a format for web pages. An example would be GIF, which can only contain 8 bits and 256 colors. Using the PNG format will ensure the best quality of colors as well as save the image as a whole. As PNG consists of many advanced elements, it is the right format for your images. Its pixel size is 8 in 24 or 48 bits.

A significant feature of PNG is its ability to store data forever.The images in color have not been lost in quality. Make sure JPEG is selected to best balance file size and image quality. The JPEG compression method, used for photography, can be well suited. However, human eye cannot see the image as it has been compressed. Some details of the image have been lost when it has been compressed. Each pixel in JPEG can contain 24 bits of code, making you sixteen million colors. Saving the image as BMP format is the best option if the image will be further processed. YF format is the standard MS Windows format for graphics. It has resolutions of 1, 4 and 8 bits, 16, 32 or 64 bits. You should not need Adobe Acrobat to convert.

- A JPEG, BMP, GIF, or PNG format can be converted to this program, giving you even more flexibility as to the final format's quality;

- Adjusting the compression intensity. The JPEG format allows you to specify an additional compression value. In order to avoid having a lower quality image as a result of a higher compression percentage, you should be aware of this fact. The 20:It is possible to achieve greatness with more compression ratios without having the original figure. You can recognize it, for example.

- Personalization of password-protected PDF documents Personalization of password-protected PDF documents Before printing, you're able to add a password.

- automatic conversion. There is no need to convert more than 100 documents per day. All images for each PDF document will be stored in a separate folder resulting from this.

With this outstanding application, you can convert your PDF file to JPG in minutes, without having to install any additional software.
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